The Creative Point combines technology and human sensitivity

The Creative Point

With the variety of path-breaking architecture tossed up by contemporary designers, it was only a matter of time before something was constructed keeping in mind the youth of today. Irish designer Ela Walkowiak has come up with The Creative Point, a unique example of architecture that has been designed with the specific aim of benefiting the young, talented students of Dublin. The Creative Point has been built in a way so it exudes positivity and harmony. It is, as the name suggests, a place where the pupils of secondary school can hone their talent for music, art, drawings and craft.

The Creative Point is constructed to provide an open area to the city dwellers where they can meet their friends and associates in a fresh, lively environment. They can see the Grand Canal and its surrounding panorama, irrespective of what the climate is like.This architecture has found a way to have the benefit of the exterior view without the worry of the unfriendly weather. This place also lets the students make use of all the facilities that are made available to them.

The architecture is comprised of fiber-glass, which safeguards the building and its inmates from the treacherous weather. It also collects rainwater to flush washrooms and the lavatory cisterns to restrict the wastage of natural water. The distinguishing silhouettes are constructed so that it can be easily made out aligned with the Irish skyline.

This architecture is ground-breaking while being sensitive to the needs of the budding artists. The vision of the Grand Canal and its adjacent scenery gives a sense of openness that symbolizes freedom and creativity. The clever architecture keeps the young students secure from the harsh weather while making available to them the beauty of Dublin. Here they can get all the facilities necessary to pursue their passions and talent. This architecture promotes creativity of the youth on one hand and practical eco friendliness on the other. It combines technology and human sensitivity successfully.

[Cheers Ela]

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