Creative office gadgets to ease your day at work

As much as we would like to just sit in front of television or relax on a couch with a good book and not do any work, it is just not possible. We have to go to work and believe it or not we spend more time in office than we do anywhere else. The office sort of becomes a second home for us. Offices are not usually very cheery place unless you are working in some creative, gaming or internet company or are just very lucky. For the rest of us office is a dull place where we work day and night. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Here are some of the ways you can give your workplace a personal touch and make it comfortable as you are obviously going to spend long hours in there.

Ramo branch multi tap

The ramo branch multi tap shows us how much power we are consuming and how much dependent we are on our gadgets. This device cannot be termed practical but it is artistic and has a nice aesthetic look. This is useful where lots of devices need to be connected but there are not enough electric sockets.

Solar cockroach robot

This is one of those little things which is not really useful but is a lot of fun. This tiny little cockroach robot is power by sunlight. When it is sufficiently powered, this tiny cockroach shaped robot will shake itself and more around your desk as if looking for food. It has 2.0 x 1.0 x 1.7 inch dimensions and weighs just 0.01 kg.

Aeron’s ultimate self-adjusting office chair

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you most probably will be suffering from back pain, sore neck and pain in the legs. Now you can try to improve your posture, walk more, sit less etc. but one of the best ways to combat this problem is to buy Aeron’s ultimate self-adjusting office chair. It definitely looks like the chair from the future with all those knobs and adjustments. This is a self-adjusting chair which means it will check your weight and the way you are reclining on the chair and automatically changes the settings to fit you best.

Digital wall

Walls in office have always been boring. Recently they have started getting interesting. Many of them have graffiti, colorful logos, designs, etc., but still after a while they too become boring unless you are changing it every month or so (Which is not usually the case) One of the ways to keep the wall in your office interesting is to make it interactive and digital. Then you can display anything you want, keep changing it constantly and have fun.

Fruit shaped post it notes

Post-it notes is found in almost all offices but why does post-it notes always have to be square or rectangular shaped? The solution to this problem has been provided by Japanese designers and their solution is fruit shaped post-it notes. They are beautifully designed and look like sliced fruits and even their pips are realistic. They have 150 pages and measure 45 x 104 mm.


Why go with simple, standard, boring USB flash drives and hubs? They are lots of funky designs available in the market. With these unconventionally styled USB drives you can carry your documents and other important files in style.

Optimus keyboards

Keyboards are the single most boring things in the office. They are not even much customizable. I mean how can a keyboard be different and attractive? That is where the Optimus keyboard comes in. In Optimus keyboard every key is capable of showing different function and the whole keyboard can also be used in different languages which is not possible with a standard keyboard.

Desk phone dock

Have you noticed how everyone these days is using mobile phones only? There are no landlines anywhere. Agreed smartphones are better, they have more functionality, etc., but don’t you miss the simple old days – when phone was just a phone? If you want to bring a retro feel to your office get a desk phone dock. This device is not just for looks, it has some good features, too.

Cube desk

Office desks are fundamentally boring. Most of them are rectangular shaped and uninteresting. Cube on the other hand is a very innovative desk – it is not only colorful and attractive to look at but also provides storage space. You can arrange the differently to give the desk a different look.

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