Creative golf carts to move you in style

A golf cart or a golf buggy is as vital a part of any golf game as the rest of the gear. As the golf courses are usually large, and golf gear is too heavy to be carried all the time even by an attendant, golf carts are used for locomotion. Due to their light weight and special designs, these conveyors do not affect the golf course in any way. Some companies have come up with interesting golf carts that can attract the golf players by their features.

Armored Golf Cart

If you are attacked by gunmen while playing golf, the A-TAC golf cart created by Metaltech Motor Bodies can save you. This heavily armoured vehicle was launched at an Indian Arms Fair in wake of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai. This vehicle is designed keeping in mind the increasing vulnerability of luxury places to terrorist attacks. This battery powered vehicle which resembles a bullet-proof golf buggy is designed especially to withstand grenade attacks and is capable of carrying two fully armed security personnel along narrow corridors, hotel lobbies and confined spaces. This vehicle is dotted with four firing ports, has bulletproof windows that can survive close range firing and grenade attacks. A-TAC has a battery pack that enables it to run for six hours on a single charge. It weighs less than half a tonne, has the maximum speed of 25 km and is priced at $45,000.

Segway x2 Golf Cart

Golf courses are known for immense greenery and beautiful surroundings. Cool air blows over the beautiful land that can leave one wanting for more. To enjoy the surroundings while driving thorough the course, Segway x2 Golf Edition is the best option. It is a mini cart that can carry the golf bag and a scorecard holder as well. Its low pressure tires ensure that no damage is done to the grass, while its speed ensures a faster game by traveling to 18 holes in a shorter time period than a traditional cart. Moreover, it is also equipped with the new LeanSteer technology, a wireless InfoKey controller and long-lasting Saphion lithium-ion batteries.

Hummer H2 Golf Cart

The Hummer H2 golf cart can bring spice to their game. Built with an aluminium chassis and a Humvee look, this cart is electricity powered and can easily reach up to 20 mph. Like a car, it possesses turning signals, headlights and brake lights, and has higher horsepower than a normal cart, thus providing a unique experience for the drivers. Don’t get stuck driving out of style at any time.

Monster Golf Cart

When a man is new to the golf course, he may be excited to ride a golf cart. However, as time passes, the cart begins to feel boring. The Monster Cart can bring spice to the golfing experience with its looks and all-terrain operation, though it ends up making a dent in the owner’s finances.

Porsche Golf Cart

Porsche Engineering Group, a subsidiary of Porsche AG, has rolled out two very special open two-seaters after several months of development. These prototypes, offering two comfortable seats and ample cargo room, were commissioned by Hans-Peter Porsche, the grandson of the company’s founder, Ferdinand Porsche, and created especially for use on the golf course.

This unique golf car not only bears the Porsche logo on its front lid, but is reminiscent of the Porsche Cayenne in many other features – albeit on a scale of 1:2. Measuring 106.3 inches (2.7 meters) in length and 49.2 inches (1.25 meters) in width, this new golf car comes with an exact rendition to the last detail of the Cayenne’s engine compartment lid, front wheel arches, headlights, front fascia, and 20-inch wheels. The oval exhaust tailpipes, the rear lights and the original stainless-steel loading sill carry over striking design features clearly identifying the new golf car as a miniature Cayenne.

The car is powered by a 3.2 bhp electric motor driving the rear wheels through direct transmission and can attain cruising speeds of 19 mph (30 kmph).

Roadster Golf Cart

The quality of Roadsters begins in the engineering of the cart from the ground up. The Roadsters are built using completely new parts. The frames are made from rugged and corrosion proof all aluminium I-beams. The Roadster uses a long range 48 volt system to ensure maximum range using industry leading Trojan T-875 batteries managed by the computerized Alltrax ACE4844 speed controller. The high output 11 peak horsepower motor is powerful enough to passengers at speeds of upto 25 miles per hour and yet it is efficient enough to deliver a higher range than the industry average.

The Roadster also features an on-board 12 volt converter that gives you an in-dash power source to power your cell phone or laptop computer. For added safety, each Roadster has been fitted with standard headlights, brake lights, turn signal lights, a working horn, and is the only car to feature a standard 4 wheel braking system which includes the use of front wheel hydraulic disk brakes.

The car can also be used on the streets, reaching up to 35 mph, and has leather interior upgrades, hidden AM/ FM CD players, a hard top to protect you from the sun and full multimedia systems that include DVD players and flip-down monitors. The cars are available with customized paint and graphics schemes to add that personal touch to them.

Batman Golf Cart

When the iconic Batman car was unveiled in “Batman Begins”, the audience and car-lovers were left raving about the design and looks of the beast. This look has been brought into the golf cart by a Batman fan, working for Warner Bros movie studios. The golf cart bears very close resemblance with the iconic batmobile, though it is not bulletproof or full of gadgets. When this cart is brought on the course, it can leave the players and onlookers overawed.

Motorized golf cart scooter

Segway may be good, but a motorized golf cart is better. Built for those who like to move around the course on their own, this cart is electric operated and small in size, as close as that of a scooter. It is eco-friendly, has longer battery-life and better features, though costlier, than a traditional cart.

Cadillac Golf Cart

Golf-carts have the same looks and features all around. So it becomes hard to use them to impress others, unlike with cars. In such a case, one can go for Berline Cadillac Escalade Golf Cart, which looks like a mini-Hummer and is cheaper. It is electricity operated and is eco-friendly, though its looks are restricted to the golf course.

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