Creative furniture designs to lighten up your work environment

Office is a second home where you spend more time than in your own. There has been a drastic change over the years as offices shift from the formal monotonous ambiance, to a varied change in decor and settings. With this shift in attitude many offices are becoming a place for its employees’ to spend considerable happy hours despite the work load. Innovating and creating well planned office furniture naturally helps in lifting the work mood, and goes a long way in motivating staff to higher efficiency level. A well planned office also creates more working space. Listed below are some ways to spruce up a workplace and adding some novelty and life into the otherwise monotonous environment.

Carl’s table CT08

This table transforms a room into a hi-tech organization and enable users to sit and read images for an extended period of time in comfort. The CT08 is equipped state of the art accessories ever available in computer tables. It features big room space for reading with side shelf and two electrically controlled shelves with adjustable tilt and height. It is equipped with a back privacy shield, height adjustable legs and footrest. It also features two adjustable air ports, control panels, background LED task lights and USB hub along with power strips for 14 outlets. A Monitor control system with a 10 foot long cable cord with cable management sleeve wraps up this unique table.

Mini milk desk

Designed by Soren Rose Studio of Copenhagen, this is a console desk which was inspired by the Apple Milk series. This unit is meant for offices, hotel rooms and small apartments with limited space. It features neat cable organizing lids and concealed storage compartments. Less than 50 cm wide, it can be mounted against any wall and is truly the minimalist utility requirement. It can be customized for allowing many arrangements depending on the individual’s work space and style.

Surf chair workstation

This chair designed by Kenneth Lylover has a unique snake like chair, supported by many pillows designed to help keep the back comfortable. It has a smart suspended monitor and comfortable reading distance for the net surfer. This design was the winner of “Best Product” at the Scandinavian Furniture Fare.

Pop up coffee table

This coffee table doubles up as a surface for work in a limited space. It turns your living room into a smart looking office in seconds. The space beneath can be used for storage of books and magazines. This pop up table is made of birch wood with a walnut finish and weighs 48.5 pounds. It is truly a flexible way of enjoying your coffee while you do some serious work.

Eclipse office partition system

Designed by Marcus Ward Curran of Australia, this is an adjustable private space in an office. It is like an umbrella sphere which is extendable with built in speakers and video camera. The modular workplace has a hot desk, table partition, full size partition and pattern table. Depending on the privacy requirements these components allow for space to be divided into a private, meeting and breakout zones. It is made of Eco friendly materials that works towards more efficient use of space.

Sony fusion coffee table

The desktop is smartly infused in a coffee table with a matte black aluminum top and sleek arched chrome legs and lining. Designed by Singapore designer ZyaneTan, this table top splits in half and slides apart smoothly at the push of a power button. The desktop part comprises a touch sensitive LED outlined keyboard with an adjustable screen. There is a DVD drive and headphone Jake on its side and the screen can be adjusted according to the user. This is a great fusion of technology and furniture and comes in shades of blue, white and red.

Modern aviator wing desk

This design is by Restoration Hardware and inspired by the WW II streamlined fighter planes. The shape of the metal desk is bent like the wing of a plane and features a polished aluminum patchwork exterior. It is accented with steel screws and has three canvas lined storage spaces.

DC-6 cowling airplane desk

Using pieces from vintage aircraft, this desk has re-emerged in all its metal beauty. Each piece is handmade, unique and has been distinctively turned into a modern furniture. It is created by MotoArt, founded by Donavon Fell III who used the fuselage and ejection chairs into a beautiful, practical utility object.

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