Creative cordless MP3 player lets you play in personal music

mp3player  02
There is no reason for a sportsperson to go without music on the field, but if the chaotic wires of the headphones start hindering his or her performance, then one can’t do much but leave the player at home, or in the kit bag, and wait for the completion of his or her training sessions. Meant to be manufactured by Creative, the new MP3 player by designer Georgi Tsvetanov lets athletes enjoy music without disrupting their training sessions on the field. The compact music player works via Bluetooth, avoiding the messy cords hanging around the face and shoulders. Resembling the shape of an ear, the personal music player fits smartly onto your ear and plays your favorite tracks, anytime anywhere. Simply “creative!”

mp3player  01
mp3player  03
mp3player  04

Via: Behance

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