Creative chair designs to revive your living area

If you are wondering as to how a chair can actually change the entire atmosphere of a room then it actually is very much possible with the listed chair collections that will make you wonder as to how your room turns more brighter and attractive. Some of these chairs are ergonomically designed and many can fit around any corner of your space and even the garden area too.

Surf Chair

This is an ergonomically designed station meant for work which is perfect for those who have a hectic job that requires them to sit around their computers for extended hours. This therefore fills the need of a relaxing and cozy workplace. This chair won the best product award in the Scandinavian Furniture Fair. This chair is nothing less than a dream for those who undertake long computer sessions.

Vasa intestina

Lisa Jones created the first version of this chair back in 2007. This piece of furniture is a part of the Symbiosis series of chairs. Though it doesn’t entail the comfort level that most others have on this list but it surely is a unique piece of art with an absolutely stunning design. It simply is great artwork. These capillary chairs are designed so that people can admire them rather than sit on them.

Cabbage Chair

This unique piece was designed and created by Nendo and is crafted out of industrial paper which is fancy as well as eco friendly. The main idea behind the creation of cabbage chair was to challenge the concept of contemporary pieces. The cabbage chair makes use of various products that are dumped and recycled so many by products are used in the manufacturing process. The cabbage chair is like a roll of compact paper that opens up and can be peeled back layer by layer in order to create a resilient enclosure around the soft body. Resins that are mixed to the paper during the process of production actually endow this chair with a lot of strength and the pleats hence become elastic and springy. This chair is a practical and poetic transformation of various waste products. The pod like skin of this chair reveals expansive and luxuriant interiors that requires no finishing, hardware and assembly.


This is the super lounger which connects with your senses and stimulates the entire resting session. AlphaSphere makes use of color, shape and light along with varied combination’s of sound, warmth and vibration that let the occupier drown into an ultra deep phase of relaxation. The complete concept is based on the vision of an artist who created the Alpha lounger, alpha Room and also the entire AlphaProgramme. This perception ritual serves to activate all the senses that are absolutely interwoven together.

With this unique lounger, people can get out of their everyday routine and take a dive into aesthetic perceptions. During the entire process one’s deep archaic levels of consciousness are activated and the the time effect gets transcended. With these effects, AlphaSphere is much more developed then the overall art domain. Various perception levels combine to deliver the tangible experience that AlphaSphere is all about. The primary factors that play a part in attaining this state include:

Colour- The Lounger radiates mystical blue beams that add an element of serenity

Shape- The design of this lounger is perfect for the body and its wing shaped structure uplifts and embraces the frame well.

Sound- To add to the entire experience an audio setup has been fixed to it for a three dimensional cloud like effect.

Light- A cocoon of sensorial light envelops around the lounge occupier.

Warmth- The lounge surface has warming features that comforts and pampers the body.

Vibration- The lounger has very mild vibration which softly eases your body for absolute rest.

Breathing- With every breath you take your body swings gently to your own breathing rhythm.

Four Chaise Lounger

This classic four chaise lounger is one great piece of furniture that is marked with unusual luxury and comfort. It is extremely comfortable both appearance wise and feel wise. This beautiful lounger has four specific lounge positions that help relax and enjoy a great view.

One Line Chaise

One Line Chaise is an impressive lounger that can definitely grab the attention of your guests within the first sight. This lounger can be converted into two different seating styles by simply manipulating the backrest.

The hanging chairs

These hanging chairs are a product of Raw Studios and are designed out of sustainable sources like FSC exterior grade birch ply. These hanging chairs are designed to fulfill utter simplicity marked with style. Although these chairs fit well in a garden but they can also be applied to the interior decor.

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