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Creative cardboard chairs to relax in comfort

As a measure to conserve forests, designers are on the move to use materials that can replace wood to embellish your home and office. Creative cardboard chair is one such design, which is constructed by making use of recycled cardboard. They function very well in dorm rooms, interactive children’s playrooms or even living rooms. Most of these designs do not make use of toxic glues or other upholstery and are eco friendly. Here is a list of cardboard chairs crafted from designers making use of recycled bits.

Cardboard Glove Chair by Lindey Cafsia

Lindey cafsia has excellently designed this glove chair by making use of cardboard panels which were initially used for packing the bicycles. The concept of this design is to present a modern eccentric shaped chair by making use of slender materials. The glove shaped chair is created by folding the cardboard panels and sewing them together. This cardboard chair creation does not require any upholstery. To emphasize the origin of the glove chair, the original design of the bicycle has been kept intact for the seat of the chair. The base which supports the entire set is also made of cardboard. The shape of the chair offers you extreme comfort to sit in different positions for longer periods. The chair is light weight and can be easily moved and replaced.

Chick ‘n‘Egg Chair

Manuel Kretzer has exclusively crafted this chic ‘n’ egg chair. As cardboard is used in the entire construction, the chair is of light weight. As per your requirements, the chair can be altered to any size and resolution. It is comfortable for both kids and adults. The chair has a great assemblage in which parts from the sheets are pushed and slide together. The chair is built strong without making use of any fasteners or glue. The perpendicular cardboard grid makes the chair pretty.

Volvo backlight

Volvo seating unit is amazing modular furniture that flaunts an uncomplicated design for easy storage and transportation. The tail lamps of a Volvo car have motivated the design of this unique seating unit. This beautiful chair has won the first place as a sustainable project. When you watch the chair for the first time, it appears only as a seater, but the fact is that it comes with an integrated ottoman and magazine rack. You can detach the side table and ottoman from the chair while lounging. Once you are finished with the act, you can put them back in place. The cardboard finishing of the Volvo chair makes it eco friendly. The chair is best functional as an attic or pool side seating unit.

Modularly green cardboard chair

Tim May from the University of Western Sydney is the sole creator of this master piece. This furniture is constructed from recycled corrugated cardboard which is assembled by making use of stainless steel threads and bolts. This modular seating has a coffee table cum foot rest that is hidden internally. When you are not using this coffee table you can simply hide it under this chair thereby saving the extra space.

Stealth Chair

The dovetail design motivated Brennan Letkeman to compose the ergonomically efficient stealth chair. It is wholly created from sheet cardboard and no adhesives or glues are used in the construction. Though the chair flaunts a spiny appearance, it offers comfort for lounging. The large skeletal framework is based on ergonomics data where the central spines and ribs are integrated using the conventional slot method. You feel comfortable lounging on this chair.

Generoso Parmegiani’s ‘Lady’ chair

Lady chair is a special kind of simple and comfortable cardboard chair. Generoso Parmegiani has incorporated the origami concept in creating this lovely chair. This design recalls your childhood memories. The chair is constructed from double wave cardboard and is light weight so that the chair can be easily folded when not in use thus saving the space. Another interesting fact about this chair is that it supports the weight of over 200 kilograms. The color palette is fantastic and you will definitely love to buy this chair.

kraftwerk cardboard chair

Tom de vrieze, after carrying a couple of experiments has finally succeeded in inventing kraftwerk cardboard chair. This chair got its name from the use of cardboard and kraft paper tape. The cardboard used for the construction is only 4mm thick and is filled with polyurethane foam which is expandable. Though this chair is not eco friendly it is stronger and durable when compared to other cardboard chairs.

Otto Chair

Otto chair was initially designed by Peter Raacke in 1968. It is still displayed in some of the design museums like MoMa in New York and Guggenheim in Bilbao. German designer pulpo redesigned the ottochair without altering its good features and made it available to the customers. The concept of this creation is to show the uses of cardboard other than packing. The chair is completely built from recycled cardboard and is light, durable, sustainable and stable. The ultimate product is a blank slate that needs to be painted and altered to suit your style.

Elegantly sustainable cardboard chair

When you first watch this design, you may not be impressed to buy it but after learning its eco friendly features you cannot stop yourself from buying one for your living room. This elegant chair is presented by Tessica Susanto Sidhart. The chair is made beautiful and sustainable by laminating layers of corrugated cardboard into wood mold. Having this sustainable cardboard chair in your living room expresses your eco chic taste.

Chair made from recycled cardboard tubes

HomeQn has been furnishing your homes by making use of recycled home products. Peter Gorse has designed this eco tube chair which is entirely made from recycled cardboard tubes. The cardboard tubes are fastened with the cable ties to create a modular rigid lattice structure. These tubes are piled on top of other to make an excellent seating. The design of the chair also cares for the mother planet.

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