Creative accessories to boost up your iPhone

You can customize your iPhone products by using accessories available in the market. You can find most attractive and exciting things. It is one of the easiest ways of giving a personal touch to your iPhone and at the same time applying creativity to the technology. These iPhone accessories are simply beautiful. Here are some of the coolest and creative collection of useful accessories that you can purchase for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Waterproof iPhone Case

You can use DryCase Folio DC-17, a flexible case made of a waterproof material. It is the best choice for your iPhone. The material is very flexible to accommodate various sizes of iPhone and also its crystal clear display cover allows you to see through without any hassle. It is very easy to clean. You can just remove it and clean it with a dry cloth. The air tight seal gives you guarantee of keeping your iPhone dry. This case also allows you to connect waterproof headphones to enjoy music or even do phone calls with its headphone jack.

iPhone Windshield Mount

You can mount your iPhone at the eye level with the help of this windshield mount. By doing this, you can keep a watch on your iPhone while driving without any efforts. You can mount it even on your dashboard. With the help of this, you can see the navigation or different maps while driving a car. Windshield mount has very firm grips and the angle can be adjusted to suite your eyesight. After finding a suitable position, you can lock the mount so that you don’t have to adjust it again. Also, you can easily detach the windshield mount after its use.

TV Hat

TV hat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You can have a baseball cap style for your iPhone. It comes with nylon guard which blocks other light coming from outside the iPhone. You have to put your iPhone inside the hat and can enjoy watching a video or listen to songs. It looks very stylish and favorite among iPhone users. There is a magnifying glass which allows you to have a clear and bigger view of the screen of iPhone. You can adjust the magnifying glass by moving it closer or away from the object. It is fixed with the body of a hat. So, you don’t have to put your phone in a pocket.

iBike Rider

The iBike rider is the coolest accessory and most popular among bike lovers. It is the wrist-mounted iPhone case which gives you an easy way to look at your iPhone while riding on the bike. If it is paired with the headphone, you can even listen to the songs and accept calls while riding. And additionally, you can also view the navigation map during riding on the bike. The body of iBiker is totally waterproof and made up of a sturdy material for the rough use. You can safely put your iPhone in the case and enjoy the riding while listening to your favorite songs.

Tactile Keyboard for iPhone

Tactile keyboard makes emailing and messaging very much easy. It comes with various iPhone cases. These keyboards are really helpful and you can use phone very efficiently. You can rotate this keyboard in all directions as per your requirements. Your iPhone will become extra efficient with the use of this keyboard. Various models are available which are suitable for most of the iPhone models.

You can flip out the keyboard when needed and flip back once done with its use. With the help of this keyboard, you can achieve the maximum accuracy and speed. It works with all the applications of the iPhone. The keys are made up of a hard plastic type material to give maximum use. The keyboard consists of rechargeable built in batteries. You can charge it by USB cable.

Vyne iPhone Holder

It is the most stylish stand available to hold your iPhone. It can be coiled into various forms with the help of its flexible strap. You can put it on your office desk or the dressing table. You can have a quick look at your iPhone while sitting at your office table or on the bed. It is made up of plastic material which is sturdy enough. The clip gives a firm grip to your iPhone to be intact for long time. It is the best way to watch videos on your iPhone while sleeping in the bed.

Game Boy iPhone Case

You can have this game case with the exceptionally stylish looks. You can enjoy the thrill of various games with the help of this case. It is made of very hard plastic material to give you maximum durability. It has a few buttons on its body. Those buttons are very useful while playing the different games. These cases are available in different exciting colors and patterns. You can easily insert and remove the iPhone from this case. The overall structure and design is very user friendly. You can play games efficiently and with full of joy.

GoSmart Clip iPhone Wheel Mount

With the help of GoSmart clip, you can place your iPhone at the middle of your steering wheel. You can easily view the iPhone during driving. The main advantage is that you can check the GPS for navigation purpose while driving. This clip is made up of a plastic material and available in various colors. You can insert your phone in the curved areas which gives grip to the top and bottom edges of your phone. You can cover the area of your iPhone with the clip. This clip can be used for most models of iPhone. The clip is strong enough to hold your iPhone on bad roads.

OWLE Bubo iPhone DSLR

This is the most hi-end accessory for your iPhone. It is used for most cameras for shooting purpose. You can mount your iPhone on this and can shoot some test footage. This is very much stable and you can shoot without any hassle.

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