Courtesy Stool won’t let you forget your manners

General public opinion clearly indicates that the age of chivalry is clearly dead and that people today are a lot more indifferent to needs of others. The clear lack of sympathy for fellow beings is more evident in crowded spaces with limited seating than anywhere else. To correct this social evil and to make people more aware of their manners, designer Cheryl Yang has come up with a clever stool that tell users when they need to get up and let someone else have a seat.

Courtesy Stool

The transparent shell of the stool comes fitted with an hourglass inside, which basically serves as a timer for how long someone has been sitting on the stool. Once the hourglass is empty, users know that it’s time to give the seat up for someone else. Through the use of a clearly visible timing mechanism, the stool basically looks to shame people into giving up their seats when seating is limited.

However, we really don’t see this concept living up to its potential unless the designer can mate the hourglass timer with a device that would be able to yell out something like “time to get your bum off the seat, you j@*ka$$!” to make people really leave their seat for someone else.

Source: Cheryl Yang

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