Court Circuit is a graphic light that oozes glitzy beams

This mechanized pendant light has been assembled in the classic shape of a budding flower. Utterly gorgeous, this smashing light fixture will look really nice in industrial settings. It hangs from the ceiling via a stringy but tough cable. It is really showy and will easily become the centerpiece in any space. Be sure to keep all other gear inside your room really simple as this light looks quite complex.

Court circuit

Five round profile surfaces converge together repeating the patterns of circuits that form a base for LED. The five surfaces are curved inwards to create a direct light while an indirect luminescence is given off by a single sconce oriented outwards. Enhanced diffusion is ensured by perforating the surface and surrounding each hole with a tin coating. The lamp oozes a bright sheen and attains transparency when beams hit its surface.

Additionally, the fact that printed circuits have been used to construct the piece makes it a benign and eco friendly light fixture. Moreover, LEDs have been slotted inside and are held in place using a single diffuser. The 2mm thick boards are rugged and give the piece durability. The entire body is fixed in place by the single diffuser.

The classic piece exhibited during the Milan design week 2012 has been created for Danese Milano by French designer Matali Crasset. The mechanical looking gizmo has rightly been dubbed “Court Circuit.” The unique thing about this piece is that though its shape reminds you of electronics and technology, it has been inspired from classic forms like a flower and a lamp shade. The pendant light is available in three colors of gray, black and green.

Via: Designboom

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