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CordLite charging cable glows to connect gadgets in the dark

Struggling to connect the charger when the surroundings are dark is something that everyone owning a phone must have experienced. Shedding some light on the charger for Apple products is a charging cable named CordLite that will let you see the charging port clearly even in complete darkness. The charging cord, designed by Scrap Pile Labs, starts glowing as soon as someone picks or even holds it.

CordLite Illuminated iPhone Charger Cable

The touch sensitive cord comes smothered with an aesthetically pleasing appeal, which perfectly matches with the beauty of Apple products. The simple looking charging cable has been fashioned out of plastic, giving the design firmness while bead blasted aluminum has been used to make the touch plates. The simple to use product can be chosen from a white or black plastic body, which will perfectly complement your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

CordLite is nothing but a standard USB cable, which is a 30 pin dock connector cable and will charge your smart devices as it blinks. When you touch it CordLite starts glowing which will let you see the connector as well as the port in dim light or even in the dark. The light gets turned off automatically as soon as you leave the connector. Every detail has been taken care of to make sure the simple cable revs up the elegance of your beloved Apple gadget further. So, no more getting annoyed as you struggle to charge your phone in the dark because a ray of light is all you need from CordLite.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets/ Kickstarter

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