Cordless vacuum cleaner goes smart with calorie counter and AirRam

This vacuum cleaner from Gtech is a lot smarter than other dust busters available in the market. The product is cordless and also energy efficient. The cordless feature restricts its cleaning sessions to just 40 minutes. Although this might look like a drawback at first, it actually isn’t because the vacuum works much faster than other such products. It can dust out a compact studio about 4 times in 40 minutes!

Gtec AirRAM

The cleaning sessions with the piece are really hassle free. No more messy and tangled cords coming in your way. Amongst all the upright vacuum cleaners available, this one boasts of the lowest profile. It drifts just above the surface you are cleaning with a 28 degree movement, hence it is really effective. The piece costing £229 is up for sale at John Lewis and Gtech’s website.

Also, it does not have any bag or cyclone. All the filth and specks of dust gathered are collected in its overhead tray. This means they are amassed just 5 cms above the ground until you are ready to throw them away. The gizmo draws only 100 watts of power while it is at work, which is about 20 times lesser than other such cleaners. If this doesn’t account for cost cutting then what does?

Another perk is that it lets you know how many calories you expended by the end of the cleaning session. Surely, fitness maniacs will find this feature extremely useful. After you’re done cleaning, just plug the vacuum into the computer to know how many calories you burnt. While it is plugged to the computer you can also change settings, read cleaning tips online or check out how much electricity you saved.

Via: Pocket Lint

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