Cooler Concept by Andrew Dapore is hip and happening

Beach time comes filled with fun! But at times, getting till the beach with all the stuff, especially eatables, can prove to be a real task. Beach and coolers have always been associated with each other. A beach cooler is a great way to keep food and beverages in great temperature, but pulling it all across can leave you exhausted. Keeping all the discomfort posed by this very important beach product in mind, Andrew Dapore came up with the Cooler Concept that will become your favorite companion whenever you decide to head towards palm dotted lands complete with sun and sand.

Cooler Concept

The cooler has been specially made keeping in mind beach conditions. It has been designed in such a way, which makes it a breeze to pull it over almost all kinds of surfaces. The amazing product has almost the same dimensions as those of other mid-sized coolers available. It can easily hold 72 cans, which ensure the drinks supply doesn’t cease in a wink.

A handle has been integrated in the design, which can be easily pulled when needed. The wheel fitted in this case is wide that is responsible for easy access through all kinds of rough surfaces as well as sand. The wheel used is not only sturdy, but also lends stability to the overall design.

The contents of the cooler can be easily separated with the help of trays. This makes sure that food items don’t get spoiled by melting ice or get crushed because of the weight of cans. It will also keep your wallet, keys and phones safe, thanks to the presence of a dry storage area where moisture doesn’t reach. The best part being, this cooler concept will not only serve good when heading towards the beach but can also be used while camping, at home, on a boat and sporting events as well.

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