Seven cool mobile gardens to make urban areas clean and green

Caravan mobile garden

We are increasingly losing space for creating gardens that once graced our compounds. Living in high rises has done away with the luxury of having an open garden or a spacious compound where you can relax amidst the flowers and the greenery and enjoy the fresh smell of nature.

Gone are the days when watering the plants was a favorite past time when we can hum our favorite tunes along with the buzzing bees and the chirping birds. Do you miss all these? Here are some mobile gardens that you can plant at your own private space and still enjoy the activities, though on a lower scale.

1. Mobile food garden


Ever missed creating your own vegetable garden because you never had the space to try your gardening skills? Take a look at this mobile garden that can help you reconnect with nature and enjoy home grown organic food as well. The stands can be arranged in a variety of ways and can be accommodated in your apartment by placing them at areas where sunlight can directly benefit them.

Every planter comes with a base that is removable and can be stacked as well to provide space for allowing deep soil which is required by certain types of food crops. The containers are also designed to store the gardening tools and also to form a worm farm which benefits the crops.

2. Mobile community garden

moving community garden

Mobile community garden is a concept that can help a whole residential area or a community where there are only high rises and hence a total lack of greenery. The bland atmosphere can be immediately brought to life by using these mobile gardens that can be shifted around as per convenience. Constructed on a wheeled platform, the community garden is a small mobile garden where you can plant all the kitchen essentials or just flowers and beautiful shrubs. It can be parked anywhere you wish. Since it can be driven around, you will not face any law and order problems as well.

3. Caravan mobile garden

Caravan mobile garden

The caravan mobile garden has an element of surprise all packed inside an innocent looking van. But open and spread it out and you see your jaws dropping in amazement. Created by Kevin Van Braak, the caravan garden is a synthetic garden with silky grass, fake trees, animals that are stiffed to look real, an electric barbecue and the chirping of the birds in the background. While this may not appeal to a village dweller who has lived amidst the greenest spaces, it could be all a city dweller could want.

4. Mobile garden rail car

mobile garden rail car

The mobile rail care is a concept that spurred out of the imagination of an artist, Joe Bodwin which got the approval of the Chicago transit system. The mobile garden is incorporated in the rail car so that the travelers get to see and enjoy the wonders of nature and get inspired themselves. The small addition in the rail car with a flat garden area is a welcome change from the concrete building that travelers are so used to gazing at. With native plants and low maintenance shrubs, it inspires many who are on a mad rush to get to their bland office spaces.

5. Mobile garden truck farm


As the name suggests, the truck farm is set up on an old 1986 Dodge half-ton pickup truck. Parked in and around Brooklyn Street in the US, the small and beautiful garden has tomatoes, broccoli, parsley, arugula etc. Though it’s great fun to watch the truck move around, it’s the inspiration that we gather from such concepts that actually counts. Nothing is impossible if we have the will to achieve it!

6. Moving urban garden

moving urban garden

Urbanization has taken away all the open spaces where we could have planted gardens and trees for our enjoyment and benefit of the nature. Now sky scrapers and industrial complexes occupy these beautiful spaces that were once wonderful green areas full of the fresh scent of nature. Moving urban gardens could be a great concept that can be introduced in urban areas. These gardens are small gardens that are grown on moving platforms that have wheels. Families that are always on the move would find this a wonderful alternative.

7. Clever moving garden

clever moving garden

Gursan Ergil’s concept of a moving garden took shape by drawing inspiration from the Ottoman Empire. With just six square meters of green space available for each resident of Istanbul, gardens are a distant possibility. The clever moving garden is a garden bench with grass and also a small tree which can be hung in a comfortable space where you can use it.

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