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Cool gadgets to stay warm in winters

What can be more comforting than keeping you warm and cozy, when the winter is frosty and cold? Winter gadgets are designed to endure the freezing temperatures. Keep yourself warm this winter with these neat and cozy gadgets. Whether you are indoors or outdoors these nifty gadgets are sure to help you brave the cold.

Touchscreen Gloves

Don’t fret any more struggling to use your touch screen device when you are wearing gloves. Touchscreen gloves made of conductive material help you to effectively use your fingers to manipulate your device. These gloves made of 100% acrylic merino wool have inter-woven wire. This allows touch screen devices to work when touched with gloves. It works work with all types of touch screen devices. Keep away frostbites and be cozy and happy this winter browsing, calling and playing with your device without letting your fingers suffer. Touchscreen gloves are priced at 12.99 pounds.

Heated Vest

Explore the goodness of winter wearing the Heated Vest. The vest is integrated with three layers of heating pads. It uses 7-volt lithium ion battery to raise the temperature of the vest. It also retains the temperature for two hours on high setting and nine hours in low. The fleece on the garment provides resistance to wind and repels water. Recharge it after each use with the charger that comes with the vest.

Tooks headphones hat

Headphone hats are cozy beanies with integrated head phones. It provides ultra comfort and is ideal for those who need to venture outside in the chilly winters. It has a special slot to hold the phones covered with Velcro. Do remember to remove the headphones for putting the hat for machine wash. Made of acrylic and wool, this hat comes with lining pocket that keeps the speaker buds safe. Pick up this interesting beanie priced at 24.99 pounds.

Hot Slippers

Never ever let your feet feel the cold floor or tootsies again. Plunk your feet in the cozy warm Hot Slippers. Microwave these ultra soft slippers for about two minutes to sit back and enjoy the warming effects of French lavender on your feet. Priced at 9.95 pounds and are available in pink and lilac colors.

Cuisinart Soup Maker

Nothing is more comforting than a warm bowl of soup on a frosty day. The thought of preparing soup can put few people off from enjoying the goodness of soups. Cuisinart Soup Maker makes delicious soups in less than twenty minutes. It has a non-stick cooking plate and a blender equipped with stainless steel blades. The quick heating element in the soup maker enables to prepare the soup faster than ever. Accompanied with a soup recipe book, the soup maker is priced at 121 pounds.


How about wearing a blanket to let your hands free to hold a remote or cup of tea? Slanket is a fleece blanket with arms. Snuggle under the warm and cozy light weight Slanket and have your hands completely free to do other activities. The fleece of this blanket keeps the body warm and cozy. Available in a huge range of colors, you can carry it anywhere. This practical and simple blanket is priced at 23.99 pounds.

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