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When young and smart, the insatiable thirst to accumulate gadgets that are different and distinguish themselves from the crowd is never ending. You’re always looking for something that goes one step ahead in doing things. Below we compile a list of 15 cool gadgets for smart geeks with a wide range of functions such as turning your smartphone into a medical assisting device or using a missile launcher toy operated from your iPhone to avenge your enemies at the office.

Motoworkr cellphone

Ever imagined your doctor using his smartphone to measure your body temperature and blood pressure? If you did not, the Italian designer Marco Vanella certainly did. Motoworkr is his brainchild, which can be used by doctors and medical professionals for performing a regular health checkup. The phone incorporated a tensiometer at the bottom. You can place your finger and based on that the digital blood pressure reader gives its readings. The phone also incorporates a Bluetooth thermometer and a stethoscope in its design. The phone also serves as a card reader and the entire patient’s health information can be stored in such cards.

Infinite USB

Common sense is pretty uncommon, but not perhaps in case of geeks. Infinite USB is a simple out-of-the box solution to meet the limitation we face in everyday life in terms of number of USB ports we can connect to our PC/Laptop. Infinite USB concept is given by Gonglue Jiang, a Harvard graduate. According to the concept a USB itself will have a USB port, which allows you to connect n number of USB ports in parallel. The color of the USB will help you decide the device it is connected to. Also if you think that a large number of USBs connected to single port will drain it out of power, the designer proposes to connect the main USB to an external adapter.


If you say it’s quite a drag to carry your laptop around places, stuck on your shoulder inside you laptop bag, we would certainly agree with you. A Chinese industrial designer, Hao Hua has given a design named “digital roll” (D-roll), which would allow you to roll up your laptop as a side-bag (recommended for female geeks) or as a backpack. The design proposes a foldable OLED screen, a slide out keyboard, a mouse and a detachable webcam that you can also wear on your wrist. The straps house the USB plugs while mouse and webcam can be fitted to the end caps of the laptop case.

Belkin FLIP

How good it would be if you could switch between your office laptop and PC or between your old and new computer? Belkin flip offers you such functionality by allowing you to share your monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers between two computers. It comes with a remote control that helps you toggle between the two. An LED with two different colors indicates which computer the flip is currently accessing. It supports video resolutions up to 2048×1536 and supports any combination of PC, Mac desktop and notebooks. Considering the fact that most people own two or more computers this idea seems really cool and helps you get rid of all those extra cables.

Multifunction desktop device

This design given by David Turpin allows a single display to work as an mp3 player, radio, clock and a calculator. You can toggle between the four functions by tapping at one of the four touch sensitive buttons at the bottom. This can certainly help you in getting rid of a clutter of devices and bring more organization to your workspace. What would have been better is that the device comes as a rollable OLED that you can carry any place you want to, but it makes the concept less practical (at least for the time being).

Tether concept phone

What do you generally do with your earphones when not using them for listening to the music? It is troublesome to place them in your pocket as it creates a mess with such a long wire. Many people wrap them around their phones and that is where Edward Hale got his idea of a tether phone. The concept provides an additional space at the top to wrap the cord and custom sockets for the headphones. The earbuds function as speakers in this set up. The headphone pop out of the rubber immediately the jack is recessed back to the body. Quite an imaginative design, isn’t it?

Thrifty Watch Phone

We really crave for the future when wearable all-in-one gadgets become a reality. You carry your computer in your wrist, which alters to different devices such as a phone, mp3 player, watch or a camera, based on your needs. One such gadget is reality and is called “Thrifty Watch Phone”. It is one of those all-in-one devices that functions as a phone, MP3 player, video camera, media player and PDA. It comes with a 1.3-inch touchscreen LCD display to help you navigate between different functions. It’s a stylish gadget offered in 12 different strap sizes and priced at $95.

The Boombox Shoes

While we all talk about how many devices we can wear on our wrists, I think the geek community has clearly underestimated the possibility of turning you footwear into something useful. Not any more with the coming of “The Boombox Shoes”. These shoes with white high tops serve as a complete CD-player. The shoes integrate a CD-ROM player, speakers, volume control knob and normal music player functions (play, pause, stop, rewind, etc.) onto themselves. Quite an out-of-the box idea though we’re not sure if will be able to stand ruggedness of terrain.

Hi-Five LED watch concept

Hi-Five LED watch concept is for those who have got taste for retro things. The designer got the idea for this concept while observing the way light falls on the grooves of a vinyl record. The four digits are displayed around a virtual vinyl record just the way light reflects on a record’s grooves. A red light below the record indicates that the watch is in date mode. It can be recharged with a USB connected to computer and also doubles up as a mp3 player. The designer says the strap will be made from animal friendly material with the straps available in different colors. We’re not very sure about the readability of numbers in this concept but despite of it all what a quirky design!

Umbrella pole light and iPod dock

If one can turn his shoes into a CD player an umbrella too can serve space to fulfill a geeky imagination. “Umbrella pole light and iPod dock” is a product from Sharper Image that can be attached to any umbrella pole up to a 3 inch diameter and serves as a lighting device as well as an iPod dock. The LEDs around the radius provide bright white light that ensures your late night parties outside don’t remain gloomy. You can connect your iPod to some high quality speakers and can add more buzz to your party. The rechargeable battery can provide you lighting up to 30 hours and music up to 5 hours. The greatest thing about the device being, you need not worry about summer rains as all your gadgetry is protected under an umbrella.

A Four-in-One Gadget

At last there is a cute gadget making an entry to our list. Is you looks closely it looks like the Mickey Mouse. The name is also not conventional and it is called as “21st Century Mickey USB Webcam with Fan + Microphone + LED Light”. As is evident from its name it serves four functions i.e. a webcam, a fan, a microphone and LED light. All the four devices can be bent the way you want and are plug-and-play equipped with USB. The camera records at 15 frames per second at 640 x 480 pixels resolution and 30 fps at 320 x 240 pixels resolution. LED light and fan are detachable allowing you to place them differently based on your needs. You can add it to your office desk collection at just $11.5.

Ultra-Smart Cable

Seems like guys at Brando (manufacturers of this ultra-smart cable) are completely convinced with how underutilized USB cable are and how many more functions they can actually serve. “Ultra-Smart Cable”, serves as a data cable as well as a built-in micro SD card reader. You can use it as a Flash drive and can also charge your gadgets with it. This extremely handy gadget comes in Orange, Gray, Blue, Green, and Black and would cost you just $14.

Multifunctional Solar Powered Charger

Multifunctional Solar Powered Portable Speaker Charger is a “green” gadget that eco friendly geeks will surely love. The portable speaker is powered by the solar panel at the top or with a USB as an alternate. The other uses it offers are a SD/SDHC card reader to assist you in playing your favorite music, an alarm clock and a FM radio. It is shipped with a remote control and can charge any device that can be plugged with a USB. It is priced at $29.78.

IDE SATA HDD Docking Station

Another gadget from Brando (not Marlon Brando, Please!), this docking station comes with three different slots for your hard disks. What it offers is two SATA HDD slots for 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch SATA drives and one IDE HDD slot for IDE HDD. Besides this it also comes with a 2-port USB hub and a card reader for flash memories. To buy this one you’ll have to shell out $55.

iLaunch Thunder Apple Controlled Missile Launcher

If you’re one of those mischievous geeks at office this one is a must for you though you’re advised not to use it on your boss (in case getting fired worries you). The device can be controlled by your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and can shoot missiles up to 25 feet at your clueless victims, while you’re found busy on your iDevice. It is capable of 270-degree horizontal rotation and offers 270-degree of vertical flexibility. It comes with a iLaunch Controller app and costs you around $82.

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