Cool and creative unicycle designs

Looking at a unicycle definitely makes one wonder the amount of strength required to choose such a ride, which requires pure self balance. Changing times have also transformed the look of unicycles that have got some real cool looking facade and even funkier traits that can leave just anyone wheezing. If you have ever dreamt of owning a swanky one wheeled ride, then have a look at some of the coolest and creative unicycle designs that will make short distance travels filled with fun.

b_80 Unicycle

b_80 Unicycle has a refreshing design, which will create a strong first impression. The good looking mode of conventional ride designed by David Vargas has been crafted to match up with the needs of the urban environment. It needs less space and is easy to maneuver. The unicycle is light in weight and quite portable. The support point has been positioned directly under the center of the wheel, which makes it a fun filled ride.

Unicycle by Andre Oliveira and Vasco Oliveira

Giving the unicycle some speedy traits while keeping the eco friendliness intact are designers Andre Oliveira and Vasco Oliveira. The duo has fitted an electric motor in the unicycle designed by them, which will bow down to all intercity mobility requirements. The presence of tilt sensors that have been connected to a hydraulic cylinder make sure the user is able to maintain perfect balance all through the ride. It also comprises of a steering mechanism and the presence of gyroscopic technology will work in conjugation with the body movement of the rider.

Fine balance Monocycle

Fine balance Monocycle touts to be the world’s very first self balancing unicycle. The awesomely crafted ride will balance itself as per the body balance of the user. It comprises of gyroscopes and accelerators that will make the riding experience very pleasant. The bike gets the required momentum when the rider leans forward, whereas when someone wants to slow down then all they have to do is put the total body weight backwards. The electric motor will make it is an easy ride, which won’t require much effort.

Ryno electric unicycle

Ryno electric unicycle by Ryno Motors will make crazy bike fans jump with utmost joy. The emission free ride will save the environment from the clutches of pollution. Perfect for short distance and low speed travel, the unicycle has a self balancing system. It also ranks high on the safety level with warning sound lights and indicator lights and motion sensors.

SBU V3: A truly handsfree self balancing unicycle

If you wish like learning the self balancing act which is required while riding a unicycle, then the SBU V3 or Self Balancing Unicycle V3 will leave you impressed. It boasts of a 7.5 miles range as the ride comes fitted with a 53V/2.5Ah lithium ion phosphate battery pack. SBU can touch a top speed of 15 mph, which is worth appreciating and just needs 3 seconds to jump from zero to 10 mph. The presence of an LED indicator will keep the rider informed about the battery status.

Unicycle inspired by cross trainer

Sweating those calories at the gym while working out on the cross trainer is something which no one fancies. Fetching some inspiration from this gym equipment is the awe amazing Unicycle that is not only environmentally friendly, but also won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It will give perfect balance, which is not possible while riding on a traditional unicycle and will kill all fears of falling flat on the ground.

Three 2 one unicycle

Three 2 one unicycle is a unique concept designed by Allen Wilson. The easy means of transportation will give an all new meaning to portability that too without spending too much. The unicycle can be snapped apart when not in use and easily carried from one place to the other while traveling in a tram or bus. The easy transportation solution’s saddle has been fashioned in an ergonomic manner that further ensures complete comfort.

Self balancing unicycle

Stephan Boyer and his Bullet is just what one needs to move around the university or college campus. The lightweight and portable self balancing unicycle comes tagged with a lot of efficiency. The do it yourself project has fetched a lot of inspiration from Segway Personal Transporter and bears quite a lot of resemblance with it. Though it has a few shortcomings, in terms of safety, but overall the design is perfect for roaming around in the campus.

Self-Balancing Solowheel

Love for the environment gave birth to the amazingly designed Self-Balancing Solowheel, which is an easy way to travel around. All you need to learn is the balancing act by placing your feet on the foot-resting paddles, which won’t take more than 15 minutes. It comes fitted with a 1000 watt lithium ion battery, which will last for two hours or 12 miles when fully charged. The 20 pound unicycle can touch a speed of 12 miles per hour, which is worth applauding.

Honda U3-X

Honda U3-X is a Segway styled unicycle, which will give a fresh meaning to easy mobility. The monocoque body is light in weight and comes complete with foldable footrests and seats. It fetches all the power to move from lithium ion battery that will make the unicycle alive for one hour on a single charge. Easy controlling is a result of the presence of Honda Omni Traction or HOT Drive System that works with the upper body movement of the rider.

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