Cool and creative steampunk USB drives for the geeky

USB drives are the most common media that is being used by normal users in their daily routine for storing and carrying data from one place to another. USB drives comes in different sizes and shapes depending upon the availability in the market. You might have used a USB drive for your personal use, so what it looks like? Most probably USB drives that are available are of small size and are much more compact than the previous ones. But have you ever seen some USB drives that are somewhat different in their looks. Let’s have a look at the seven cool and creative Steampunk USB drives for the geeky.

Steampunked USB drive by Russian modder

The first USB drive in our list is one that is created by a Russian modder. He modified his USB drive to some what different looking piece. This USB drive is made using the old parts of an archaic clock and other electronic parts. He might have collected these parts from a rag shop there. The USB connector of this USB drive comes out when you twist the outer gear. This looks like a brass pipe with some screw and gear that makes it look much more steampunked. The USB drive also has some movable parts, so in your pass time you can also play with it.

Brass and copper crafted Steampunk USB Drive

The next USB drive in our list is Brass and copper crafted USB drive that is totally steampunked. This USB drive is made up of brass and copper only. The shining outer surface of the drive makes it look much more attractive than a normal USB drive. Just like a normal USB drive it is also provided with a closing cap. This cap is also made up of brass and copper. Some extra work has been done on this to make it look much more cool as it is in the picture.

Steampunk USB Drive by Etsy user

The next USB drive in our list is one that is created by an Etsy user. This drive is made up of copper parts that are taken from an old vintage clock. The USB drive body has a gear at the top that makes it look cool. This drive is currently available in 2 GB model. You can get this by paying only $50 on Etsy website. This drive will definitely add one more gem to your geeky status.

Pocket Memory 5

The Pocket memory 5 is fifth version in pocket memory series of USB drives. The drive looks like an underwater sea creature. The device is modified using a 64 GB Kingston USB drive. This storage capacity of storing 64 GB of data makes it much more geeky. It has a diamond like jewel at one end which glows with the help of LED when connected to your PC. You can get this drive for you by paying a price of $1,000. This is really a most steampunked version of any USB drive.

Steampunk USB Jump Drive

The Steampunk USB jump drive is made up of many parts of old vintage clock and gears. The drive comes with a storage capacity of 2 GB. The drive contains a green light that glows when you connect it to your PC or laptop. The drive is made up of Brass and has great shiny looks that can attract any geeky person. The drive is available for purchase at a cool price tag of $50. As you can see in the picture above the gears and the metal parts attached to the drive gives it a more dominating looks.

8GB Steampunk USB Drive

The next in our list is a 8 GB storage capacity USB drive that is made up of Brass and Copper. The drive features some of the parts of a wrist watch like its glass. The drive supports an inbuilt card reader that can be used to read memory cards. The drive contains a red colored light that glows through the glass when connected to PC and blinks while you transfer data from it. The drive is available for $195.

Waterproof Steampunk USB Drive

Last USB drive that is in our list is a waterproof steampunk USB drive. This drive is made up of Brass and has some extraordinary design. I still remember the time when i dropped my USB drive in water and it got damaged. But now you do not need to worry about this as this one is waterproof so in case by mistake your drives gets into the water then even it will not get damaged. This drive is available in 8GB model for a price tag of $125.

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