Cool and creative living room design ideas

Are you fascinated by the living rooms of the rich and famous? Do you want your living room to look glamorous and sexy? Here is good news for you. You can achieve the desired results by following some cool and creative living room design ideas. Read along to know more about these ideas and how they can help you make your living room sassy and stylish. In this article, we have compiled a list of ten living room design ideas in order to help you design a stylish and modern living room. Have a look.

Circular living room design

Giving a stylish and sassy look to a living room is no mean feat but it seems that the guys at Mark English Architects and interior designer Gary Hutton have mastered this art in its entirety. They have now come up with a very beautiful circular living room design for a San Francisco apartment. They have not tinkered with the outer walls which are straight and regular yet the creativity is such that the walls appear round. The designers have achieved the desired round look by just curving one wall. A non-supporting dividing wall is used to give a curvy appearance to the otherwise straight wall. They have used round couches and placed them together with the curvature of the wall to increase the round effect. Round rug, end table and ottoman are used to maintain the circularity. The recessed area on the ceiling is also circular.

Black and white living room design

If you love black and white décor then you should know that designing a black and white living room is not an easy task because designing with just these two colors requires a very good knowledge of contrasts. Most of us paint the walls of our room white and put black furniture pieces in that room for contrast, which seems logical too because it adds to the brightness of the room. Recently, Italian furniture manufacturer Natuzzi started to manufacture a lot of modern and classy furniture items in black and white. Needless to say, all their items are impressive. The guys at Natuzzi are well versed with the art of designing rooms and they know very well how to design stylish and contemporary living rooms. The sofas manufactured especially for these rooms increase the beauty manifold.

Elegant living room ideas by Alf Company

Italian furniture maker Alf Company is famous not only in Italy but in some other European countries as well for designing impressive, modern and elegant rooms. They have earned their fame by designing living rooms, which are not only modern and chic but unique too. They have mastered the art by using latest trends and models. High quality base materials are used in the furniture designed by these companies and the color combination is chosen in such a manner that it adds to the beauty and space of the design. The living rooms designed by this company are comfortable and cozy too.

Grey and black living room design

Do you know that you can design a beautiful living room by using just black and grey? All you need to do is contrast these colors properly. The look and style of a room is largely determined by its color and if you manage to achieve a suitable balance of these two colors, then you are bound to design an attractive living room for yourself.

Sunken Design by Alexander Girard

When we talk of a living room nook, the first idea which comes to our mind is that it should be cozy and fun, but Alexander Girard’s sunken design is a cut above the rest. For your information, Girard is not some ordinary interior designer. This guy is tasked with designing the interior of the Miller House, an important National Historic Landmark in Columbus. Now let’s talk about Girard’s Sunken Design and what makes it better than the best. The new design has seating arrangement all around making it a perfect place to relax in full comfort. Girard has used red color scheme extensively and white sofa to give highly attractive contrast.

Colourful living room ideas

Colors add vibrancy and energy in our life and prevent it from getting boring and dull. We can design a colorful living room to make it look more attractive and beautiful. We can do that by using simple furniture but colorful wallpaper. We can also add colors to our living room by using colorful rugs, cushions and other accessories together with black and white base. The combination of mustard yellow and black is in great demand these days.

Living room design by Rawlins Calderone

The interior designers at Rawlins Calderone Design are renowned for their creative sense and its perfect application culminating into inviting living rooms. The room designed by them has an earthy and organic feel because of the wooden furniture and wooden floors. The texture of the ceiling is also unique and the exposed brick wall is amazing to say the least. The simply furnished living room is cozy are comfortable. The designers have used the color white extensively and have not shied away from using lights in order to design an inviting living space.

Open space living room designs by Valcucine

When we talk about creative and unique living room designs, it is nearly impossible not talking about Valcucine’s open space living room designs. Valcucine is nothing less than a genius when it comes to designing open space living room and he uses several different systems, possessing elegant designs to achieve the desired result. The room is furnished and includes seating, shelving and wall panels. Valcucine has combined these modular systems in many different ways to make the design flexible and one of a kind.

Living room molding design Ideas

Molding design and wainscoting, which were first used as early as the 17th century, are used by some interior designers these days to design impressive and admirable living rooms. In this design idea, the ceiling, crown and moldings of the door trim are painted in white color to give them an elegant and calm look. The seating arrangement is kept simple but it is done in such a manner that it increases intimacy. Dark and linear chairs and sofas are used to contrast with the white color.

Interior idea by Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is known for designing living rooms with an influence of theatrical idea. The living room design with red sofa was designed by Wanders for Poliform as part of “My House of Dreams” project. In this design, a huge red Artur sofa is paired with a well-designed Zeppelin chandelier. The floor is very glossy and walls are padded. Marcel Wanders has used dramatic curtains to make the whole setting more attractive.

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