Cool and creative coffee tables with built-in speaker system

Coffee is an integral part of our life and most of us enjoy coffee time. Now think of combining coffee with music. The idea must be exciting and it would be real fun if we would be able to do this. These days there are designer coffee tables available in the market with built-in speaker system which are liked by one and all. Here is a list of six cool and creative coffee tables with built in speaker systems.

Coffee table includes car stereo system

This coffee table is perfect for those who want to enjoy hot coffee with their favorite music. This coffee table features built in car stereo system so that you can enjoy your favorite music without getting interrupted. This helps you to relax and refresh at the same time. Akil Bill deserves credit for designing this unique and useful coffee table which is definitely one of the best coffee tables available in the market. The design of this table is sleek and stylish with a glass top which is actually a MK1 Volkswagen Polo’s windscreen. The coffee table is made of glass, tin and plywood. The panel of this table is handmade.

Coffee table with speaker system and dock

This innovative coffee table featuring both speaker system and dock is the brainchild of British designer Mike Lonsdale. The four omni-directional speakers are integrated in the four legs. The four speakers reproduce surround sound. Chestnut and Tatajuba are used to make this coffee table, featuring a dock into the surface. This dock is very useful as it allows you to conceal your music device and wire. You can connect your iPod, media player, laptop and the speaker system with this table using a sound jack. The power cable can be removed easily. Priced at around $1200, this coffee table is without doubt a beautiful piece of art which will add to the beauty of your drawing room.

Coffee table with speaker system legs

Wondering Boys designer duo Wout Fierens and Miquell van Meelen has designed this coffee table with in-built speakers in legs. This coffee table is stylish and it can be used as a decorative piece of furniture to add to the beauty of your home. Called Speaker System Coffee Table, the speakers are fitted on each upper-leg. The coffee table is designed with a different angle and it is compatible with different devices including iPod or iPhone. Not much information is available about the speaker system’s specification but this table can be used as a support for your bar table and as a unique home speaker system as well.

The Acoustable is a coffee table

We often keep coffee tables in our living room to place remote, newspapers, magazines and our cup of coffee. But the Acoustable is a unique coffee table because it comes fitted with a giant speaker system! Jerome Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer deserve credit for designing Acoustable. This innovative coffee table features a flat top and it can be used as furniture in your living room. You can also use this coffee table to place your laptop and of course you can listen your favorite using the speakers fitted in this table. This table is compatible with different media players and laptops. The sound system reproduces original and high-quality sound. The audio output is single and omnidirectional.

Coffee table with built in speakers

This coffee table is different from the coffee tables which we normally have in our living rooms as it features a LCD screen and speakers, which are hidden underneath the table. The table also features LED lights which illuminates the area around this innovative and stylish table. This table is large enough to hold small projects, board games, laptops, etc. The table also contains a computer fitted along the wall. The LCD panel fitted in this table is actually an old monitor. The table has 4 LED lights installed on each side. These lights are fitted in such a manner that it can light floor up to 6 feet near the table. The table features two sets of the Logitech speakers and MP3 docks.

Pyramid-shaped coffee table

This coffee table is stylish and attractive because of its shape which is like a pyramid. Named ‘Horus’, this innovative coffee table is the brainchild of designer Stephane Thivend. He has designed this coffee table keeping in mind the needs of the iGeneration. Integrated with amplified speakers and an iPod dock, this coffee table also features an LED system for mood lighting effect.

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