Cool and creative book inspired design

It is true that books can be your best friends, as they will always be there for you without any demands. Books have been written from times immemorial and are a vast sea of knowledge. They are truly inspirational in many different ways and to have products inspired by the form of a book is something quite amazing. Nowadays, you can grow flowers in a book-planter, sleep in a book-bed, use a folding book pillow at work for a quick power nap and perhaps relax on a book-shaped sofa! Here are seven creative ideas for book-inspired products that are made to please the bibliophile inside of you!

Book Pot or Honbachi

Now you can convert your old books into flower pots! Yes, the “Honbachi” or the book pots are a creation by Tokyo Pistol that recycle your old books and turn them into planters. The plants are grown by carving out a hole inside the pages of a book for the bowl with the plant and soil to be placed. The Honbachi looks extremely elegant when decorated on the kitchen shelf and add life to the surroundings. You can buy a set of three books contained in a pot production kit along with an option of three bowl sizes wherein the largest would cost 10,500 yen (dimensions 16 x 22 x 6 cm), the medium costing 8,400 yen (16 x 22 x 4 cm) and the smallest one costing 6,300 yen (16 x 20 3 cm) respectively. You can also select the material you would like for the book cover which comes in upholstery and leather. The plants that are supplied are seasonal plants.

Robin Hood double-sided sofa

Big Cozy Books has a variety of book-themed furniture created by Erik Olofson that would appeal to both children and adults. They are fun, colorful and durable as they are built with the sole intention of resisting the wear and tear caused by children jumping and bouncing in big numbers. The product by Big Cozy Books called “Robin Hood” is a great book-inspired double-sided sofa that has a standard height for a study table. The cozy design is perfect for children or even adults to use in place of chairs while eating of studying. The sofa comes in various colors and can also be customized to suit your taste. The sofa is made by using multicolored upholstery and adobe white vinyl for the seats.

Book Beds

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could curl inside a huge book? Well, with the Book Bed you could precisely do that and a lot more as this bed looks like an open book and the bed sheets are actually the pages of the book bed, whereas the various colorful pillows act like book marks! This bed is low-rise, making it ideal for children. This book bed is the brainchild of a Japanese photographer called Yusuke Suzuki, who has transformed the boring bed into a playground.

Book shaped ‘Workaholic’ pillow

The book-shaped ‘workaholic’ pillow is the solution for all the hardworking people who want to squeeze in a couple of minutes for a power nap. This hidden folding pillow can now provide the workaholics a short break to rejuvenate themselves for more hours of office work. Priced at $61.75 this pillow looks like a huge book, but once it opens up, it turns into a comfortable pillow which you can place on your desk for a short nap. The size of this amazing pillow is 21 x 10 x 30 cm and it can comfortably fit on you bookshelf!

The Book Light

The Book Light is a creation by Myung-seo Kang and Mi-Seung Kim from Studio MS and looks like an open book emanating glowing light. Inspired by a book, the lamp has a pleat-like design to depict the fanned pages of a book that release light. The intensity of light is adjustable. This is a fabulous design that makes great use of a regular product in a different way.

Book purse

Most of us judge a book by its covers and making use of this tendency, Rebound Designs have come up with book cover purses that not only look colorful and classy but are a great way to recycle old hard-backed books. Now you can flaunt your favorite book with your personal Book Purse. The Bobbsey Twins Book Purse is priced at $45 and is a colorful designed that has a beaded handle and an orange inside.

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