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Cool and creative beer robots always at your service

Robots of all sizes and shapes never fail to interest us and many of us are instantly interested to know what these robots are up to and what kind of tasks they can accomplish. We all know what an amazing combination beer and pizza can be. Recently there have been a bigger buzz created by beer robots that seem to enthral the beer lovers and others alike. The new combination of beer and technology is a much more thrilling proposition for many and going by the looks of beer robots, they are here to stay for a long time to come! Be sure to check out these beer robots who can undertake quite a few tasks efficiently.

Beer Robot Server

It’s hard to believe that this thrilling beer robot was created by students. But here they are, ever ready and willing to grab a beer bottle with their techno hands, open it with an impressive twist and a turn, and pour the contents into a big cup that is held at the front. Very impressive tactics that can catch the attention of a few patient drinkers for a couple of times. But, after that, it’s back to our sturdy hands that can do a better and faster job of it.

Servo’o Beer Robot

A homemade robot created by a nerd who loves his beer. The robot comes with a servo body and a platform that is mechanically aligned. The iPhone acts as the trigger for pouring the beer and stopping when it is enough. Again, a great gadget when it comes to creativity. But, wouldn’t it be easier if you just pour the bottle straight into the glass with our good old hands rather than taking up the cumbersome task of operating a host of connected gadgets?

Asahi Beer Robot

Asahi is the brainchild of 8 engineers who worked relentlessly for 200 hours to come up with this wonderful creation. The Asahi Robot has two versions. The first version, the image of which is shown above is one of a kind as he can do tasks like opening a beer bottle and pouring a pint of beer for those who would like to be served.

The second version of Asahi has a mini fridge incorporated in his body that is capable of holding six beer cans. He will open the beer can and pour it for you if you ask him to.


The Robovie is your true techno Robot with its ability to not just fetch beer cans, but can also communicate and connect to the internet through a PC. It is trained to fetch a beer can for you if you are not in a mood to get up and do it yourself. Robovies looks every bit a professional with its black and able body.

Chassis Robot

The Chassis is a retro styled robot that is trained and created for serving beer. It works on a remote control and can serve as much beer as you desire. The robot looks very efficient and is on the road to becoming an automatic robot soon. Its red glazed body, blue eyes and steel hands make it look very efficient and prompt.

Heineken Robot

This is created by the Middlesex University. All you need is to place the cup in the holder of the robot and it will serve you whatever beverage is available in its kitty. Very simple and easy to operate when compared to the other cumbersome versions doing the rounds.

Bender Keg Cooler

The Bender Keg Cooler is a perfect gift for summer and if you thought it is just another brewer, you are wrong. The Futurama Bender lookalike with the trademark cigar in its mouth which is the tap for the beer. The keg resides in his body. The Keg cooler has an inbuilt container and a lid which is removable. A web shaped harness and straps inside hold the keg in place when the ice inside melts. It has a self sterilizer and is very basic without any extra fittings and attachments.

R2D2 Robot

The R2D2 Heineken robot is just a sculpture and cannot do any task as such. But it still looks entirely robotic with its green body, a chrome tractor headlight dome and vintage shoe polishers as legs. Being one of the most popular characters in Star Wars, these robots are an instant hit even with their limitations.

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