Cooking-dining-living furniture meets all household needs

cooking dining living  01
Accommodating a separate cooking, dining and living space in modern urban apartments, striving for space, is a tedious task for the city dwellers. Looking for a solution, we came across a modular furniture unit at Ubisapdesign that combines cooking, dining and living space requirements in a small space. Intended for cramped urban homes, the cooking-dining-living concept is divided into three individual but at the same time combined furniture unit. The all in one structure includes a kitchen for cooking that can be used when you stand only on the one side of the structure and the table for dining which is placed in the structure, together with a couch and a bookcase that function when you are on the opposite side of the structure. All the users have to do is move different parts and materials carefully and indulge in their household activities within the least available space. The multifunctional unit just measures 250(L) x 90(W) x 230(H) cm.

cooking dining living  02
cooking dining living  03

Via: Ubisapdesign

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