COOKA – Silver Cooktop bends to your needs

cooka silver cooktop  01

Over the period, there has been a great shift in eating as well as cooking habits, paving the way for new technologies and materials for the potential uses. Offering an alternate to traditional cooking, Italian designer Maurizio Maiorana has come up with a conduction cooktop dubbed “COOKA” that allows instant cooking for the go-getters. Finished with silver plate and a liquid silicone rubber body, the COOKA features non-toxic technology and ensures rapid heating and cooling without consuming too much energy. Once you are done with the cooking, the cooktop is easy to clean and users may bend it like a tablecloth for easy storage. Cooking with the COOKA simply becomes a fun even for the amateur cooks.

cooka silver cooktop  02
cooka silver cooktop  03

Via: Maurizio Maiorana

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