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Think that your apartment needs some renovation? Then you should consider getting hold of some good contemporary apartment ideas. These apartment ideas will help you create your own blend of style. With these contemporary designs, you can give your apartm

Contemporary apartment design ideas

Think that your apartment needs some renovation? Then you should consider getting hold of some good contemporary apartment ideas. These apartment ideas will help you create your own blend of style. With these contemporary designs, you can give your apartment a different style altogether. Thus, you would never be feeling that you are in the same old apartment again! Here is a list of ten contemporary apartment design ideas which are worth a view.

Ultra Modern Apartment Design by aastudio

The EM Apartment by aastudio is a modern and intellectual layout, designed for the ultra modern society. It is a two storied project and has a white backdrop embedded with colors of different kinds. The lighting scheme in the apartment is very creative and the furniture adds different colors to the apartment. There is also the RGB lighting system which has the unique feature of achieving any desired atmosphere by changing the colors. The use of mirrors and white colors creates a great feeling of space. The designers have used costly equipment and creative solutions to result in a production of high impact space. There is also the custom staircase which is multifunctional and is a treat to the eyes.

Smart Apartment Design Solutions by Coudamy Design

Smart design is often more valued than space and the Paris Apartment design by Paul Coudamy is a perfect example of this. This apartment has the Red Nest which consists of a bedroom, dressing area, bathroom and workspace through a system of moving shelves. This unique feature is very convenient and cost effective. The bookshelf conceals the sleeping bed and dressing area, where it is mounted to a track and moves to and fro. You will find the working space on the other side of the wall. The room is fitted with modern white and glossy red components which enhance the design and flavor of the room, and the usage of mirrors makes it look wider. The Red Nest 2010 is a must watch, fitted with incredible features and even though it is a bit small, it deserves a mention.

Inspiring Apartment Design with a black box by Modelina

Some people might need apartments which give them enough space and at the same time their privacy. The Inspiring Apartment Design is made for these people. This apartment is cut into four zones that can be accessed without closing doors, since it has a sliding door system. Such kind of a system gives plenty of options to the people living in here. The four zones are divided into the living room zone, the walk in closet zone, dining/kitchen/black box zone and the bedroom/bathroom zone.

Compact Apartment Design by Amsterdam Architects

Packing some style into a 45 meters square area may sound hard to accomplish, but with architecture from Netherlands it’s actually possible. The rooms are totally divided into two stylish wall units in which the entrance hall. The wardrobe and kitchen equipment is concealed behind one pinewood wall and the other pinewood wall consists of the fireplace and storage place. A unique table is built in the room which gives the minimalistic white layout a new flavor.

Retro Modern Apartment Design

A retro modern apartment design reminds us of the past but this is still a modern level of architecture. In this kind of apartment design, the styles are mixed well to display the modern and retro amalgamation of styles. We have the Mid-century touch, the Scandinavian touch and some other industrial touches to the apartment. This makes the apartment a sight to watch. The windows in the living room are of Gothic origin and have some moldings which give a traditional feel to the apartment.

Elegant Apartment Design by Poteet Architects

The elegant apartment design of Robinson Loft by Poteet Architects is a combination of warm and cool colors which gives this apartment a graceful coziness. The apartment is fitted with a wooden wall, a cool stone slab floor and a white glossy kitchen, while the music room is fitted with large windows and a glass wall, which allows light to enter freely into the room. The bathroom suite is fitted with a ‘his or hers’ shower and this displays the quality planning of the designers.

Creative Small Apartment Idea by Czech Architects

This apartment is built by the Czech architecture firm A1 Architects and is just made in an area of 52 meters square. The apartment consists of a hallway which includes a bathroom and the kitchen follows into the living room and then into the bedroom. The study room is private as it is fitted with a sliding paper wall, while the whole apartment is made dazzling by addition of splashes of color.

Loft Apartment Decorating Ideas

The loft apartment is filled with white color everywhere and consists of super glossy floors. The loft gets the feeling of being wide and open because of the white color which also gives a peaceful vibe to the whole environment. The ceilings are painted white even though they are made of wood and this provides a different selection to the rooms. There are also lots of colorful objects around the apartment which give a modern feeling to it. Among the furniture there are a lot of classic designer items like Bertois stools, egg chair, acro lamp, etc.

Modern Nordic Style Apartment with Fun Quirky Elements

This apartment is drenched in white and it also consists of furniture which gives a modern Nordic feel to it. As the name suggests, the Modern Nordic Style apartment is indeed filled with fun quirky elements. The upholstery is filled with fun and colorful patterns. The carpets and accessories fill the apartment with fun and some personality. The kitchen too consists of wooden beams and a brick/wood wall which adds a certain feel to the surroundings.

New York Apartment Design Ideas

The New York Apartment is designed by Stefan Boubil and it is situated on the 61st floor of a Metropolitan tower overlooking Central Park. One of the best things about this apartment is the incredible view on the city, but that is just the icing on the cake. The apartment consists of in-built furniture, in which a wraparound sofa is situated in the living room and also a walnut library and entertainment center which gives a feel of the 1980’s when the building was constructed. The main living area is fitted with floor-to-ceiling windows which provide a chance for endless conversations. The kitchen and dining room is made of concrete, so that the apartment achieves the distinction of a very modernistic different home.

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