Conscious Commuter and CMYK 2.0 folding electric bikes for easy urban mobility

Electronic bikes have been scaling the popularity chart and there seems to be no stopping. They are not only an easy way to move around the city, but also keep the surroundings away from the ill effects of pollution. The Conscious Commuter and CMYK 2.0 are two such creations that will leave eco lovers wheezing. These E bikes are not only eco friendly, but are foldable in nature.

Two Folding Electric Bike

Many people travel to work every day using public transportation systems, like a bus or a train/metro. It is often seen that people either have to walk down till the metro station or bus stop, which can take quite some time. Further, there is no guarantee that the work place will be located right next to the metro station or bus stop. This is where bikes come in the scene as they save time and are the easiest way to reach the desired destination. But, the biggest trouble with bikes is carrying them around, which may pose a lot of difficulties while traveling in a train or bus. The obvious and most sensible solution is foldable bikes that are easy to carry from one place to the other.

The Conscious Commuter is a U shaped bike that has been designed by Gabriel Wartofsky from Los Angeles. The shape of this foldable bike features an arc that marks off the 20 inches wheels when the bike is folded. The wheels lie on top of each other in the middle when the frame is twisted on the two axes, which lie parallel to the frame. The bike weighs less than 25 lbs and can touch a speed of more than 15 mph, which is quite impressive. The bike will come up with a range of 5 to 30 miles on a single charge, which will depend solely on the type of battery chosen.

On the other hand, the CMYK 2.0 folding e-bike has been designed by Manuel Saez. It is smaller than the Conscious Commuter and doesn’t have an arc like the Conscious Commuter. It is ruled by straight lines and rolls on smaller wheels. The length of the e-bike cannot be altered as both the frame and the wheels are fixed. The design can be split into half by folding the handlebars as well as retracting the seat post. The environmentally bike is almost the size of a golf bag when folded, hence can be carried around without much difficulty. CMYK comes fitted with a 200 Watt motor, which fetched power from an 18V lithium battery. The e bike takes almost 2 hours to get fully charged and gives freedom to move around for a good 50 minutes when juiced up.

Both, the Conscious Commuter and the CMYK 2.0 folding e-bike will replace cars when it comes to covering short distance. They can be carried till the work desk and even parked inside your apartment/home, which makes sure the bike is always in front of your eyes and hence can be stolen. E bikes are a great way to curb pollution, which is a great step towards a clean and green world.

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