Cone Of Silence By Brown Kiwi, For Big Day Out

cone of silence 1

Can we do without talking on our cell phones while in public places, and can the noise around us give us a break, sparing us from straining our ears in order to get what the person on the other end is mumbling? The answer for a change is yes, as now we can manage to get our little space amongst a talkative crowd, to attend a call in peace! Those of you who have viewed the 1960s American comedy series Get Smart must’ve seen the cone of silence used by Agent 86. The identical cone is all set to come in a new makeover, designed by Brown Kiwi, to match the 21st century demands.

Brown Kiwi has created three cones for Friday’s Big Day Out concert in Auckland, christened as ‘hush cones’, brought out for the convenience of people to get into them while making calls on their cell phones amidst noisy surroundings. The Telecom hired Brown Kiwi to design the cones for general public usage, whose managing director Miles Thornley designed and developed the cones with the help of his father, in two short weeks. Created out of fiberglass, the cones do not completely block out the noise but makes it a lot easier for the user to make calls.Though the cones have been produced as samples, but they could be further developed with the increase in the demand for them.

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