Concrete coffee machine is desirable despite rough looks

espresso solo by shmuel linski 1
Shmuel Linski’s ‘Espresso Solo’ flies right in the face of product designers who associate design aesthetics with utilization of materials that lends a smooth soft appearance. Willing to experiment with a variety of material combinations, this designer has crafted an espresso machine from concrete.

espresso solo by shmuel linski 3
The combination sets a wonderful contrast between concrete roughness and fineness of metal parts. Espresso Solo which has been specifically designed for Lavazza features metal working parts and concrete. The coffee preparation process involves bean stuffing from the top with water being poured from the back. Shmuel Linski is a student at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

espresso solo by shmuel linski 5
espresso solo by shmuel linski 6
espresso solo by shmuel linski 7

Via: Dezeen

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