Concept 2-wheel vehicle gives new dimension to riding

Concept 2-wheel vehicle

The progressively growing and developing Chinese economy reveals an inadvertent burden of its ever increasing population. The expanding population puts increasing pressure on the economy’s resources, which do not increase proportionally. Transport is an essential ingredient in individual’s lifestyle. And finding an alternative for the continuous depleting fuel inventory can bring in much relief.This is depicted in Eric Zhang’s Concept 2-wheel vehicle.

Eric Zhang’s Concept 2-wheel vehicle has given a fresh appeal to driving. This concept is aptly suited for the present scenario where each drop of fuel counts. The Modulated Bicycle is potentially an effort to combat the concern for the economy’s depleting fuel resources. Besides being a relief for the fuel inventory, this Modulated Bicycle can also help in decreasing the pollution level. An apt implementation of the concept can help in directing the economy’s resources towards more productive channels. Alternative resources can help in shaping up the economy for the better and saving on the expenses made on purchasing fuel from other nations.

Modulated Bicycle features

Eric Zhang has gained the insight from the traditional Chinese 2-wheel vehicle. The concept of USB has been implemented in the Modular Bicycle, wherein the different parts can connect to give multiple dimensions and functionality. There are many attractive features of this bicycle which make it an apt choice for the riders.

The bicycle measures 1.1 m X 0.8mX 2.2.m (height, width and length). Right from adjusting the seat to other dimensions (like height and length) of the vehicle, you can ‘fit’ in the bicycle to suit your diverse needs. It has a main body with three modules designed to customized needs. The main body can also be used as an exercising or transportation tool without these modules.

Communication Module

The GPS and 3G technology allows the rider to remain connected at all times. You can also enjoy real city racing with the technologically powered vehicle. Whether it is an SOS or finding any location, the navigating tools are always available to your rescue.

Storage Module

The storage module provides you an attractive 50 l space for enjoying comprehensive shopping or packing up for the weekend picnic. There are three individual rooms; one of them works as a refrigerator. It gains power from vehicle itself.

Engine and Power Module

This module is powered by a micro engine and hydrogen battery, enabling easy distant traveling. The battery is re-chargeable and does not pollute, and can give a speed of 35m/h. While your Power Module gets recharged, you can use the main body of the bicycle for some other purpose implementing the other two modules. You can also use the bicycle without any of the modules incorporated (just the main body).

The Modulated bicycle is economical as well. Your vehicle gets a different appeal just by switching to another module. There is no need to revamp the entire vehicle or buy a new one to enjoy an enhanced riding experience.


The designer, Eric Zhang, specializes in Industrial Design, Design Management and Packaging. He believes in watching, thinking and enjoying. Other popular works include Electronic Retail Vehicle, A Growing Book and the cute Bubble Head Camera.

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