Complex at the Centre of the Universe is pure brilliance!

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The CGSociety and NVIDIA were running a competition called the NVArt: Art Space, which was designed to test the vision of artists form around the globe. The entries to this competition are awe-inspiring and grand and yet there could only be one winner. Complex at the Centre of the Universe, an entry from Poland, is majestic in its proportions and brilliant in its conception. Needless to say, it is the deserved winner. Staszek Marek is the man behind this remarkably imaginative formation and his eight years as a 3D modeler and sculptor in the industry are every bit reflected in the Complex at the Centre of the Universe. Turquoise waters surround a beautifully modeled city that itself has been placed on a pedestal as if by a higher being. Technological creations occupy the center stage and yet the concept is in harmony with nature; the model is replete with green parks and gardens. Mark Snoswell, one of the judges of the competition very aptly summarizes it as

The realization of this image is stunning in its scope and imagination with multiple levels of subtle detail that draw you into its world. The artist envisions this complex on a different planet altogether, perhaps one which is quite similar to ours. Or maybe at the back of his mind he has this designed for a time when water levels rise due to incessant warming. Either way this is a beautiful portrayal of a magnificent imagination.


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