Compactness meets convenience in the Strida

strida bike3 seeq1 15699
Folding bicycles seem to be the definitive flavour this summer and the latest addition to this burgeoning crowd is the Strida. The Strida is a foldable bicycle that looks compact from every angle. This radical looking bicycle’s design is vaguely reminiscent of bicycles in the circus simply because of the fact that this bicycle has a high seat to make it very compact. Taking the compact theme further ,the carrier sits below the cyclist’s seat and the wheels too are smallish looking. This makes the Strida look like a cycle designed predominantly to trundle across the neighborhood rather than be used for some serious commuting. After using it, you can obviously fold it up and place it against any wall in your house. The Strida’s compact convenience doesn’t come too cheap as it sells for an expensive $600. This video will show you how exactly the Strida is folded.

Via: novate

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