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Compact Computer Desk is sleek and smart

Laptop stations never come clubbed with a lot of fun and functions, which makes them practically useless and dull. But, injecting some peppiness into such monotonous designs is the stylish and sleek Compact Computer Desk with Speakers. The design will answer all your demands of a fully featured laptop station that too in an attention grabbing way.

Compact Computer Desk with Speakers

The workstation will prove to be the best laptop desk you have ever owned. It comes complete with two integrated speakers, which will fill the room with your most loved musical tunes. These fine speakers have been well concealed under the surface of the desk. The smart design also comprises of USB hubs that will juice up your laptops, phones and other gadgets. The laptop may turn hot when used over a long period of time. Keeping the CPU of your laptop at low temperatures will be the cooling fan that is present in the design, making sure all the data remains safe.

The amazing laptop desk comes complete with a side panel that has a switch for switching the fan on or off and another one to control the volume of speakers. The well crafted desk can be either powered using the AC adapter or with the help of your laptop. The desk is easy to assemble and comes complete with double wheel casters that give it complete mobility; hence you can drag it wherever you want to in the house. Compact Computer Desk with Speakers has a height, length, width and weight of 30 inches, 29.75 inches, 16 inches and 20 lbs, respectively.

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