Comfy ‘Birdy’ chair from Homebase

bird chair img

I have always been very selective while choosing furniture for my home. In fact I generally opt for furniture which one won’t find easily in other homes. And the passion for same always keeps me engrossed in searching rare chattels. Recently I happened to see this unique ‘bird’ like chair. This massive looking Birdy chair is available at Homebase. I first mistook as a ‘swallow’ with opened beak. The chair looks extremely cozy and can make one sit comfortably with ample space for leg rest. This Birdy chair comes with soft padded seat available in two colors. So think no more and bring in this wonderful and relaxing chair for sitting in your porch, garden, terrace, balcony or patio. Or have it for browsing the web on your laptop.

Source: Tranism

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