Color watch candidly conveys various emotions

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Are you feeling blue? Or may be green or red? Confused, but that’s exactly how your emotions are going to be reflected. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to disguise your feelings, Sara Forsmark’s latest concept revolves around colors and emotions. A fun way to decipher other people’s state of mind, Sara’s device comes handy for those who hesitate to open up with their sentiments.

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Design status: This color emoting concept is on the charts. Though it isn’t as significant and essential gadget that we cannot do without, the designer has targeted a sect of people who have trouble expressing their emotions.
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Linked to a computer, this device speaks with colors that exhibit the wearers emotions. Working on a biometric data system, it is a handy tool to ward of folks when it blinks red (for anger). Also pink hue can express your feeling of being smitten as you blush in someone’s company. I feel at times user will need to keep it out of sight to avoid ugly scenes when it sports a green shade that stands for greed or jealousy.

I can do with a gadget that can do just the opposite. That is hide my emotions as I land in trouble with my frank and blunt persona.

Via: Yankodesign

About the Designer:
Industrial designer Sara Forsmark designs products that engage with users on a deeper level.

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