Color Picker extracts colors straight from the environment

color picker AS5nI 58
Nature is perhaps the greatest artist. It creates some of the most unique color patterns that otherwise we can’t even imagine in our wildest dreams. However, designer Park Jinsun has popped up with an innovative pen that allow the users to create rather replicate an infinite range of beautiful color patterns so they could draw and paint with their favorite colors. Hailed as ‘Color Picker,’ the pen is capable of scanning colors straight from the environment, which can instantly be used for drawing. All, the users have to do, is place the end of pen on object to extract the exact color with the help of built-in scanner, while the RGB cartridge within the pen mixes the inks to create the scanned color pattern. The Color Picker pen looks just amazing, apart from the fact that it‘s just a concept at the moment and you will have to wait for some time to draw your favorite colors.

Via: Ohgizmo/ Gizmodo

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