Coleman’s levitating superconductor speakers kindle a new way in sound

coleman levitators  01

Being unique from the crowd in both thought and implementation is what makes a good designer, and a fine outcome from him is a great design. When a designer thinks of revolutionizing computer speakers, it’s true he’s stepped in a league different to us, this, with a motive to produce sound in a different way. Drawing the benefits of Wi-Fi to run the Levitating superconductor speakers wrapped-around in a multitouch touchscreen, James Coleman has certainly got an inspirational design readied for his university project.

The Levitating superconductor speakers have an ordinary electromagnet in the base, with the floating section housing a superconductor. The speaker with multitouch screen in the base to display media information has a floating superconductor, which float because of the magnetic field of the electromagnet that induces a field in the superconductor. The best part about Coleman’s levitating speakers is that they have only one main component, rather than separate left and right speakers.

coleman levitators 02
coleman levitators 03
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coleman levitators 05
coleman levitators 06
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Via: Deviantart

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