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The coffee table with ‘magnetic’ appeal and a subtle feature of frolic

Coffee tables always come handy around the house. People place books, mugs and glasses on them whenever they are sprawling in a room. If you like lounging around coffee tables and think that a cool piece adds to your image, then you will be totally taken by this design. The nifty layout of this table is more functional than the standard models flooded in the market. In fact, the piece might also entertain and amuse your guests when they are around it.

Fe26 Nest Coffee Table

So, what’s so different about this piece? Actually, there are two things that set this design apart. First is that the table is foldable, i.e. you can increase and decrease its size easily. This mechanism works just like your sofa cum bed. Two smaller tables have been placed under the biggest one. You can pull them out anytime and then slide them in after use. Thus, you can modify the size of the table depending on how many people are hanging out in the room.

Also, the table has been outfitted with an amusing system that is capable of playful interaction. Wondering how this is possible? Well, the designer of this coffee table, Lewis Gaukrodger, has slotted an amusing function into it. The glassy square on the table has iron fillings. While, the glasses placed on the top of the table have magnets fitted at the base. Now, wouldn’t you call this one heck of an attractive pairing!

When, people use the glasses placed on the table, a playful interplay is set off between the glass and the tabletop. The play created is not always intentional, it could also be coincidental. But, whether it is by rationale or by chance, the users do leave their imprint on the table. The combo of iron and magnet creates a unique pattern on the table that is charming, interesting and amusing.

Via: Cargo Collective

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