Coffee Table made from computer parts emits an aesthetic spark

circuit board table1
There’s just one answer to where does all the electronic waste finally finds its way; its’ in the third world landfills. A lot could be done to resolve this problem if only people could exercise a little bit of ingenuity while discarding their outdated mound.

Circuit Board Table is an interesting way to manage electronic trash within the house, especially when the attic begins to overflow. This coffee table is a piece of furniture made from old computer parts. Its outer wooden glass frame encloses an inner table which contains neatly placed fractions.

The trash includes an Intergraph 6880 with Edge II graphics, some 2800 old baud modem parts and other random pieces collected over the years. The table also has LED panels along its perimeter to lend an aesthetic spark.

Via: Makezine/BoingBoing/Gizmodo

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