Cocktail Umbrella Lighting- Create An Illusion

cocktail umbrella
Decorating ones house is an unending hobby of quite a large number of people. Almost all of us try to decorate their house according to our imagination and creativity. Here is a beautiful example of creativity from the collection of Heather Wells. Cocktail Umbrella Lighting is in itself a unique design that will suit any of your home decor. There are a lot of colours combined together in one lamp and different shades of one colour is used to style another lighting. All the lightings are unique in itself either be it design or colour combinations or the shape.cocktail umbrella lighting

Designer Heather Wells is known for beautiful and unique designs and her creativity. The colours used in the lightings also affect the emission of lights and can create illusion in your living room. The use of small umbrellas in such an unbelievable manner to decorate your home is in itself a beautiful idea.

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