CloudScape uses nature to produce clean and filtered water

Fog collection is not a very new idea and is a great way to extract water from nature. Clubbing this with modern architecture is designer Rita Schooley with the CloudScape. As is suggestive from the name, she has used the height of the skyscraper in an ingenious way. The awe-inspiring structure will be positioned in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal where cloud or fog collection nets technology has been accepted with open arms.


Skyscrapers touch the sky or in other words the upper part of the earth’s atmosphere formed by clouds. These clouds are basically water particles suspended in air and a skyscraper provides a link between the landscape and the sky. This construction will be responsible for purifying the prevailing atmospheric conditions present in the Kathmandu Valley. This will unfurl a sustainable environment as it will have an impact and also get affected by the prevailing natural weather conditions and even human habitats.

CloudScape will be an enormous structure that will provide clean and fresh water for the people of Nepal. The water will be purified by the use of solar energy, which has been proved to be a great way to kill disease producing microorganisms in water. The construction will make good use of nature that makes it sustainable and in turn saves precious resources that are required to filter water to make it consumable.

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