Clouds, an architectural marvel to enliven 2014 Winter Olympics

Giving the charm of floating clouds to the 2014 Winter Olympics is Asadov Architectural Studio, which has come up with mesmerizing design named Clouds. The breathtaking design was fashioned for the Aerostatic Architecture Competition that took place in the year 2010.


Cloud can be placed in various ways. It can be arranged in a longitudinal fashion over the foot parkway or in a circular manner over the Olympic area. The structure can also act as tribunes for the press as well as VIPs in the mountain ski area. After the Olympics, the same structure can be exploited as an overlapping of city streets during festivals as the bottom part of the cloud is used to display media shows. It will provide shade by acting as a canopy structure.

The design comes injected with lot functionality and comprises of a system of modules, which is universal in nature. These modules can further come together and split even at great heights. The basic structure consists of an aluminum skeleton that is fixed by a membrane fabric. It has been split into various compartments for further use. The overall structure gets the much needed stability from rigid connections that form between the clouds, which lend stability to its vertical moving.

The bottom part of the design can accumulate moisture because of the presence of a set of rain funnels. This accumulation can be made to drop down in form that looks like rain and will also prove to useful in case of fire. The top layer comes smothered with solar elements, which will harness energy from the sun. The collected energy can be used for various purposes, like lighting up the structure when dusk sets in. Clouds will fetch a lot of attention at the Olympic complex at Sochi and is definitely an architectural marvel.

Via: Evolo

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