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The closed cycle society for a comfy spaceship voyage between planets

In the future, shuttling between planets will become a common exploit. So people are working on efforts to make this long and wearisome journey from one planet to another a lot simpler. And this rocket by UK based industrial designer Mark Beccaloni has been designed to make the journey comfortable and easy. The ship will minimize strain on the human body when it is in transit and will hold all amenities required to meet people’s basic needs.

Closed cycle society

Firstly, the design excludes windows as they clash with the dome shaped silhouettes. There will be a reasonably good supply of air inside, thanks to the discovery of biomass production systems. Additionally, a huge chunk of the floor space was taken up by computers earlier, but now these brilliant mainframes have drastically reduced in size, thus making way for a comfy and spacious living area on the jet. The capsule can also be used as fuel tanks and storage space onboard.

Food will also not be an issue on this ship. Instead of carrying dry goods and canned fare, there will be provisions to grow food on the space bound shuttle. In fact, plants in low gravity conditions grow out to be larger and more nutritious. Some studies have found that tomatoes that grow in zero gravity conditions are 10 times larger and hold 30% more vitamins per volume.

In fact, people will be able to go about their lives as usual while they are on this craft. They can watch a movie, go jogging on a magnetic mattress and also sip on a coke. Mankind has taken up similar space bound feats even before. The technology will be perfected in the near future and then manned voyages to outer space will become a common feature.

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