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CLIMAWARE Cryothermic Elbow Wrap makes pain management easier at home

Cryotherapy (the use of cold temperature) and Thermotherapy (the use of hot temperature) have been a popular anti-inflammation and pain relief remedy for ages and remains a favorite amongst professional athletes dealing with sports injuries on a daily basis as well as home user looking for at home cure for pain and inflammation management. For people dealing with sports related traumas, post- operative soreness arthritis and joint pains, hot and cold temperature therapies are highly advised as a safe, trusted, easy to operate and well-established option recommended by both patients living with inflammation as well as medical practitioners. The CLIMAWARE™ Cryothermic™ Elbow Wrap is one such home pain management system that makes easing achy elbow joints easier which is otherwise a chore in itself.

CLIMAWARE Cryothermic Elbow Wrap

Generally an inconvenient and time‐consuming process, the traditional Hot & Cold therapy however is also one of the most beneficial for the region and the CLIMAWARE Cryothermic Elbow Wrap comes with an intuitive Touch Controller and Cryothermic Nanotechnology embedded throughout the wrap that makes the globally patented design so easy to use at home. An ideal long‐term solution pain management, the temperature of the CLIMAWARE Cryothermic Elbow Wrap varies between 2°C to 45°C that ensures that the user’s skin is never exposed to an excess of cold or heat. Alternate heating & cooling cycles can be automatically set with both heating and cooling levels being set at four adjustable levels via the interactive touch-based controller. The user‐friendly design of the CLIMAWARE Cryothermic Elbow Wrap allows it to be very compact and portable and whole wrap stand at ~130 grams without including the weight of batteries.

Created using bio-compatible materials, the state of the art design of the CLIMAWARE Cryothermic Elbow Wrap uses Lithium Polymer batteries that last up to four hours per full charge. The design uses a moist-heat pad specially designed for the wrap to supplement the application of moist heat, provide maximum contact comfort and optimum compression through the ergonomic design. With washable parts, the CLIMAWARE Cryothermic Elbow Wrap retails for around $235.

Via: Climaware Online

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