Self-cleaning NoClean Aquariums are home to Betta Fish

NoClean Aquariums

It’s a tedious task to clean fish aquariums, especially, when it comes to changing the water. Weaving their concept around this problem, designers Craig Wenger and David Turover have crafted the really neat concept of NoClean Aquariums.

As the name pretty much suggests, the phenomenon takes into consideration the efforts involved in cleaning and maintaining the fish’s abode. The designing of the product has been done in such a way so as to provide maximum benefit not only to the owner but also to the inhabiting fishes. It’s time to free one’s self from all bogging down hassles and switch to NoClean Aquariums to enjoy the perfect cleaning services. It’s so simple and effective, even a child can get down to doing it.

Incorporating a simple, easy to understand concept, the aquariums have been set to do their own bidding in terms of cleaning. There is an inbuilt reservoir at the base of the container which collects all the debris, dirt and waste. This collected material can further be flushed out, but not manually. As mentioned before, there is no tedious cleaning process involved in the NoClean Aquarium. Just pour in a glass of water, sit back and relax. The dirty, soiled water shall be pumped out and the water will fall back on its normal required level. This process neither harms the fish nor creates any problems for the owner. The grimy water can be used as a fertilizer for your plants and trees.

The aquariums are not only easy to clean, but very aesthetically pleasing too. Available with a combination of colorful LED’s, the fish havens can be lit up in the dark. A special variety of Japanese fish come along with these aquariums. Also known as Betta fish, or fighter fish, these little creatures are as delicate as can be imagined. The aquatic dwellers have beautiful, free flowing tails and fins. They are said to capture the heart, mind and soul of the onlookers in one go itself. The only problem one may face is of keeping one fish in one container. If you try to keep more than one, you may have a problem in your hands. After all, these fishes are called fighter fish for a reason.

The aquariums come fixed with a collection of innards, plants, and a variety of pebbles and glass stones. Choose the options which befit you and see how your surroundings benefit from the excellence of these aquariums. All the parts of the containers have been devised in USA itself. The lighting arrangements have been taken care by including a set of 3xAAA batteries.

With such magnificent fishes for company and a self cleaning aquarium, what else can one want for themselves? Recreate the magic in your dwellings, office or abodes, all by NoClean Aquariums. With a guarantee to appease your senses, there would definitely be no going back.

Via: Kickstarter

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