Clean and green ‘Planter Wall Tiles’ add meaning to your decor

planter wall tiles 1
Launched at the Milan Furniture Fair 2009, Maruja Fuentes has come up with unique ceramic tiles that other than presenting a neat and clean design, add meaning to your home décor. Dubbed “Planter Wall Tiles,” the wall tiles are finished with recycled materials and create an innovative space to grow your indoor plants and herbs. The green pockets not just enhance the interior of your living, or working for that matter, space but also let residents breath fresh all the while. In addition, you may arrange various types of plants to create different patterns, courtesy of its unique fish-scale shape that interlocks the planters. In case you don’t want to grow, or even reveal your plants to others, the green pockets hiding your plants can be turned into a flat surface as well.

planter wall tiles
planter wall tiles 2

Via: Cubeme/ Inhabitat

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