Classy dining furniture that adapts to your family’s needs!

You just can’t keep buying chairs that are tailor made for each and every family member’s requirements. It’s a sheer waste to be spending on furniture that you are any way going to throw out once the needs are out grown.

So, when you find flexible furniture that is not only adaptable to your needs but also multi functional and chic, you can’t help but thank the designers whose mantra is ‘why waste time looking for a perfect design when we can create our own’.

extremisdining 2112

Check out this swanky dining furniture from Extremis that promises to be as flexible and as adaptable as you want it to be. The dining benches are designed with materials that are just apt with the current trends- hardwood, galvanized steel and stainless steel – a perfect combination that goes with any decor.

What’s great about this design is that the bench is adaptable and accommodates your kids, guests and family members of any age and size. The benches can be adjusted in four levels, the lowest being for the adults. You up-it one level and this is perfect for small adults or bigger kids, one more level up and your little ones are sitting and interacting on your level. And now, the best part- take it to the highest level and you can party now as this transforms into a huge table as the benches move close to the table when you move it to the higher levels.

Time to dine and bond at the perfect level, folks!


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