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Computer accessories are becoming more refined and ergonomic by the day. Check out this concept for a computer mouse by designer Shaunhaugh that somewhat resembles the Microsoft mouse at first glance, but actually is quite different from the Arc Mouse. Dubbed ‘Clamshell,’ the conceptual mouse by the Asian designer is finished with a soft material similar to silica gel and support rods. It also features two steel buttons that lock and unlock (by pressing the buttons together) the support rods. Working wirelessly, the Clamshell mouse is powered by a single AA battery.

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The rendering of the mouse looks good but there is no info on the program used in it. In addition, there is nothing innovative about its design as it presents a highly conventional look. The front of the mouse also appears sharp enough to wrap your fingers around the unit, resulting in an uncomfortable grip. If compared with the Arc Mouse, which lies flatter on the table and once wrapped forms a continuous arc, the Clamshell mouse has a steep arc with sudden change in angle.
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Shaunhaugh is an Asian student designer from Hzdianzi University.

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