City of Dreams Pavilion to charm many with its recycled wooden pallets

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Where can you meditate, paint, sketch, dance, sing, watch people, read, sunbathe and go for a picnic (to name a few activities) at the same time and still not harm our beautiful nature? Oops! This is not possible. Well, that’s what everybody thought till date but after reading about the 2011 City of Dreams Pavilion (designed by Amy Nelson), you will nod your head in a yes. It will be erected entirely out of sturdy recycled wooden pallets, which will help people unwind, walk around and sprawl.

Clubbing with an environmentally conscious pallet recycling company, it is a step ahead to build things the eco-friendly way. The pavilion will let visitors have a fun time all through the 2011 summer season and after the season ends, these rented pallets will be given back to the company, which can be exploited further.

Keeping large families and groups in mind, the seating has been designed to provide a lot of space to accommodate more people. Ideal for all kinds of concerts/shows is the big middle part, around which spectators can assemble. If one wishes to sit near to the ground then pallets will allow you to do just the same. These pallets made out of recycled material will protect the visitors from extreme weather conditions, as they will provide shade by twisting in the air. With a choice to be used for lectures (educational and other), summer activities, and various performances or just for relaxation, this pavilion won’t let you down.
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Educating people when it comes to recycling/ protecting the environment through such means is worth applauding. Instead of discarding stuff one should always think of ways and means to use it one more time. That is what the world today, in terms of economic stress and depleting environment, demands. With its artistic charm and inventiveness, it sure will mesmerize all the visitors of the Governors Island with its wise usage of material.

Via: Behance

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