Citroën DS 2022: Avant-garde sedan for an executive driving experience

citron ds 2022 02
Influenced by the 1967 DS, designer Jacob McMurry has designed a sedan dubbed “DS 2022” for Citroën that promises an executive ride in the days to come. With the redux of the legendary DS, Citroën is reestablishing itself as the technological leader of premium cars. Inspired by the engineering achievements of the DS, this avant-garde compact executive sedan will be the brand’s showcase for a new driving experience. The vehicle features Michelin’s Active Wheel technology, which combines an electric motor, the suspension and brakes in the wheel. This technology enhances the driving experience by automatically adjusting to the body roll in turns, while the long wheel base and narrow rear track gives the vehicle an unapologetically French look.

citron ds 2022 01
citron ds 2022 03
citron ds 2022 04
citron ds 2022 05

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