Citroen reveals high-tech exec shuttle bus called the Tubik Concept

Citroen Tubik Concept

French manufacturer Citroen have a rather refreshing take on what urban commute should look like in the future and their Tubik Concept vehicle is a breath of fresh air among a crowd of vehicles trying too hard to take their high-endedness very seriously. The futuristic executive shuttle bus is as high-tech as they come and tries to outdo the Limo culture with a shuttle/taxi purpose-specific vehicle that is more comfortable and luxuriant than a regular limo and fits all the paraphernalia that top execs need to travel with more neatly. The multi-configuration interior of the Tubik concept allows the vehicle to be fun without compromising on the functionality that a passenger van made for busy jetsetters should have.

Although the concept looks like a delivery truck carrying illegal immigrants to fuel human trafficking trade for the international mafia or something on the outside, Citroen possibly wants us to trust them and their years of making very functional vehicles and not judge this vehicle by its looks alone.

The company has so far released only very limited information on what the bus holds inside or does. The pictures released by the company reveal that the Tubik concept borrows liberally from their Multicity project which is an online solution that allows people to find the shortest, quickest, and most economical routes to anywhere in the world via Citroen’ door-to-wherever you want to be transport service that is comprised of literally all possible modes of commute.

The Tubik, as we can tell from the pictures at least, is going to be an extension of the company’s route finder solution and the connected executive shuttle promises to be a high-comfort, high-tech mobility idea that can fit in a whole group of people or just a single person and give them all the comforts that expensive taxis and customs limos put together cannot provide.

Interesting interior solutions are fitted with the latest technologies to help the flexible interior adapt to the people and luggage with the seats folding down to make a bed or revolving around to fashion a mini conference room on the go. Though the complete low-down on the vehicle are yet undisclosed, it is safe to assume that the concept will also boast of entertainment units, business-specific tech solutions, and many other goodies that would make the vehicle more appealing for executives whose travel bills are rerouted to their companies’ expense accounts.

You can get a closer look at the Citroen Tubik at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show that opens later this week.

Via: Diseno-Art

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